1/6 Prisoners Reportedly Punished With Lockdown After Congressmen Attempt To Visit Jail


Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed on Twitter on Saturday that the jail which she and other Congressmen attempted to visit housing January 6 prisoners has now been put in lockdown.

Representative Greene, along with her Congressional colleagues, Representatives Paul Gosar, Matt Gaetz, and Louie Gohmert, have all been looking into the cases of the treatment of prisoners from the January 6 protests, with many cases of abuse being alleged and documented. National File has reported extensively on abuse conducted against those locked up in relation to the protests, including claims they have been coerced into getting the COVID-19 vaccine to avoid inhumane treatment.

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All four Congressmen visited the DC Detention Facility earlier this week, after holding a press conference the previous day outside the Justice Department demanding answers. Despite the facility having received a letter the previous week informing them of the planned vist, when they arrived, the Representatives were accused of trespassing and seemingly threatened with arrest. As National File reported:

While inside, the warden lied to the Representatives, saying that a superintendent was outside waiting to speak to them. When the members of Congress walked out to speak to the supposed superintendent, the doors were locked behind them. The prison is a public building and the Representatives had arrived during business hours. Despite this, the members of Congress have been literally locked out of the jail. An attorney who arrived alongside the Representatives has also been prevented from seeing his client.

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Greene revealed on Twitter on Saturday that “multiple sources” have now informed her that the DC jail is on lockdown all weekend because [she and her congressional colleagues] went to the jail for a tour, which is normal for members of Congress,” noting that they were called “trespassers” and were locked out from the jail, prevented from seeing the prisoners. “I now have serious concerns for all inmates in this prison, not just the J6 detainees,” Greene continued. “Why aren’t lawyers allowed to see their clients? Why are people being held with no bail for non-violent charges? Why is the jail on lockdown? Is this the punishment for our visit?” she queried.

The Representatives had slammed the actions of the DC Detention Facility in a press conference following their failed attempt at a visit. Gohmert called it an “abomination” that they were locked out of the prison, saying that the actions taken by the facility indicate that the reports of torture and inhumane treatment are true. “We suspect that there is a two tier justice system in the United States for Trump supporters that are charged for January 6 and catch and release for Antifa and BLM rioters,” added Greene.