10 Most Outlandish Things Called Racist by ‘Experts’


Although the SJW cultural movement peaked around 2016/7, it’s time to take a look back at the strangest things that people deemed to be racist.

10. Spongebob Squarepants

Let’s begin with something recent. This past weekend, the amiable cartoon sea sponge was called ‘racist’ by a University of Washington professor due to living in the fictional ‘Bikini Bottom’–referring to the Bikini Atoll which was depopulated when it was taken over as a US Military nuclear testing site during the Cold War.

The author refers to America’s Imperialism as being the driving force to the deterritorialization of the native islanders who were–and are, to this day–deprived of their ancestral homeland.

9. Cold Weather

It’s been a while since The Root has drawn much public attention for its outlandish anti-white or anti-racist claims; often becoming the butt of many-a joke on social media from many non-SJW users. In 2017, The Root asked, “Is Cold Weather Racist?” According to the article:

“Yes, you read that correctly. Racist. Cold weather is racist. Cold weather racially profiles, segregates, gentrifies, colonizes, appropriates and is responsible for (at least) 90 percent of the unseasoned meats brought to company potlucks this month. It also possesses a changing agent that somehow makes black people even blacker.”

Seamlessly moving onto the next topic, number eight is linked to nine.

8. Winter Olympics

Articles from Slate and Sydney Morning Herald, written eight years apart, shed light on the absence of diversity at the Winter Olympics.

Of course, given the organic/geographical reasons behind a lack of diversity among the competitors, ‘racism’ is carted out as the universal symptom to any inequality.

7. Solar Eclipses

The 2017 solar eclipse which could been seen from the US was presented as racist by an Atlantic article and social media commentators.

The solar eclipse’s path was most prevalent in places less inhabited by black Americans–which is sufficient reason to slam as racist.

6. Air

The very air we breathe has been considered to be racist by many woke writers. Several publications have made the assertion that the reason behind why minorities breathe impurer air, on average, is because–you’ve guessed it–racism.

Of course, the real reason behind it is due to higher population densities of minority groups in inner city areas.

And inner city areas tend to have dirtier air than in the countryside. But no, it’s all a white supremacist conspiracy.

5. Dogs

Man’s best friend has been subject of much anti-racist rage. Multiple articles–even from psychology publications–place our four-legged friends under the microscope.

Dogs haven’t donned KKK gowns or any sharp uniforms designed by Hugo Boss; however, their propensity to bark at strangers among other behaviors is enough to categorize them as racist.

One such publication, Journey Dog Training, offers a guideline to make your dog into an ally:

Your dog probably doesn’t believe that one race is superior to another. Your dog probably doesn’t really feel discriminaion [sic] against a race, either. But your dog might show discrimination to a given race by:






Other tension-related behaviors

4. Babies

Again, for this particular subject, plenty of articles have been published concerning this most alarming issue–baby racism. Even though they can’t walk or talk, they can still exhibit signs of racism.

However, your baby can be racist for looking at photos of people of their own race for longer than others.

Further, babies would pay more attention to those of their own race for longer than others. Case closed. Babies need to be cancelled for their vicious internalized racism.

3. Farmer’s Markets

Due to minorities failing to frequent farmers’ markets, per capita, at similar rates as white people; the logical conclusion is to zero in on racism.

Two professors from San Diego State University have made the claim that farmers’ markets in urban spaces reinforced white behavior–and that’s a problem because those areas become gentrified.

2. Obesity

According to Futurity, “A recent analysis found that frequent experiences of racism were associated with a higher risk of obesity among African-American women.

There are, of course, various contributing factors towards obesity, but I’m not too sure Chick-fil-A and Papa John are colluding to single out WOC to send them to an early grave.

And *drumroll*

1. Being White

An Oklahoma high school teacher told his class, “To be white is to be racist, period.” Being born white is to be cursed with progressive Original Sin: racism.

So, there you have it, there’s little that can be done to cure terminal whiteness–except voluntarily forking over your disposable income to minority groups, confessing your internalized racism on a daily basis, and to champion minority causes while not speaking unless spoken to.