19 German Police Officers Injured During Violent ‘Antifa’ Attack


In the Friedrichshain area of Berlin police are still trying to identify violent radicals identifying as “Antifa” members who assaulted Police with heavy paving stones, bottles, and other projectiles.

The violent assaults took place amidst a demonstration against the removal of far-left activity from local properties including the infamous Rigaer94 building. The violent protesters have maintained occupation of the Rigaer94 building. This demonstration was started early in the night in Kreuzberg, Neukolln and spread continuously until landing in Friedrichshain.

“According to German tabloid Bild, many of the extremists were allowed to withdraw back into the Rigaer 94 building with the police told not to pursue them due to a policy of “de-escalation” by the leftist-controlled Berlin senate,” as reported by Breitbart.

The rioters, dressed in typical Antifa uniform of all black, engaged in acts of terrorism against police on the scene. One guard reported he “ran for his life,” after being cornered and trapped inside of a construction trailer with a fellow officer during on point of the riots.

This particular attack greatly resembles the sequence of attacks perpetrated in Leipzig by other violent Antifa extremists.

These types of demonstrations and subsequent attacks have been taking place over the last month. In the long and still growing lists of violence and destruction these far-left Antifa protesters claim is the invasion of an employee of a real estate company linked to a luxury apartment construction project, and brutally beat the woman inside.

So far the damages of these attacks has been calculated to at least 10 million euros.

The formation of the Special Commission on left-wing extremism (Soko LinX) has sprung up after the attacks in Leipzig amount numerous others in the city of Bautzen. This group is an extension of the police that are specifically designated to the maintenance and elimination of left-wing violent crime.

Government statistics show a dramatic increase in left-wing motivated crime from last year to now by roughly a hundred. In 2017 the head of the Berlin branch of the Agency for the Protection of the Constitution warned that left-wing extremism was extremely “underrated.”