$750K Raised for Cannon Hinnant’s GoFundMe Pales in Comparison to $14M Given to George Floyd Family


Though a slight increase in media coverage has brought more attention to the murder of 5-year-old white boy Cannon Hinnant over the past week, the national response is still exceedingly disproportionate compared to the national mourning and violence that followed the death of convicted felon George Floyd this summer.

A Justice for Cannon Hinnant fundraiser page has been set up on GoFundMe, and at press time has accrued roughly $770,000 in donations.

The spike in donations over the week is due in no small part to the hashtag #SayHisName, which went viral on social media despite a media blackout.

By contrast, the GoFundMe for George Floyd has amassed a staggering $14.7 million in payouts for the Floyd family, and payments continue to pour in. In addition, a mobile hologram that traces Floyd’s name and visage in the sky with garish yellow lighting is slated to tour the United States, replacing historical monuments.

Black Lives Matter activists have also become involved in a Facebook group which has over 20,000 members that advocates “Justice for Darius Sessoms,” the black man who reportedly executed Cannon Hinnant.

“Has a Go Fund Me been set up for Darius? He’s a political prisoner and I would like to donate. We can’t sit idly by and let the system persecute him unjustly,” one person remarked.

“I just sent 300 dollars to Darius’ commissary. Stay strong brother,” wrote another.

Another person commented on the crowdfunding total the Hinnant family was set to receive. They wrote: “Not surprised the parents are cashing in… we’re going to find out later that he was provoked or somehow set up. Good luck getting that refund.”

Others commented on how Hinnant’s murderer was arrested and justice would be obtained. Meanwhile, George Floyd’s death was not believed to receive the same level of justice–bringing the conversation back to the topic of systemic racism.

“I’d feel worse about his death if he didn’t have such a stupid name. A “cannon” that gets shot? Seems like his dad was asking for it since day one,” responded one Facebook user.

The Hinnant family has stated that they are demanding the death penalty for the boy’s killer.