88-Year-Old Tennessee Woman Charged With ‘Aggravated Assault’ For Shooting Alleged Thief


An 88-year-old Tenessee woman is free on bond after being charged with “aggravated assault” against a man who she claims tried to rob her Nashville liquor store.

May Boyce says two black males entered her store around 9 p.m. Tuesday night, acting a manner that led her to believe she was going to be robbed. She retrieved her handgun and unwrapped the cloth covering it as the two men approached the counter.

Boyce then walked over and blocked off the entrance to the rear of the counter, and that’s when she said the alleged robber, Rannon Fisher, lunged at her.

According to Boyce, Fisher then ran towards the door as she told him to stop, and she fired one round from her gun, which was “pointed at the ground. Fisher then exclaimed that he had been shot and collapsed into a stack of bottles.

Fisher’s friend then hauled the alleged thief to his feet and they both exited the premises.

Boyce was charged with “aggravated assault,” and is currently free on a $10,000 bail bond.

The alleged “victim,” Fisher, admitted to planning to rob the liquor store, but changed his story the next day.


Fisher was interviewed at the hospital while under medication, and admitted to police to having been drinking and using cocaine. He said that he and his three friends went into the store to steal some liquor and that in an attempt to steal from the store, Boyce shot him once in the back.

Fisher changed his story the next day telling investigators he wasn’t going to steal any liquor, that his friend, the unknown male he identified as “One Eye” had told him to take the liquor and that he was going to pay for it. Fisher denied running, saying he had walked towards the exit when Boyce shot him once in the lower back. He fell and was carried out of the store where he ran until he was picked up by an unknown uninvolved person.

Local residents expressed shock and disappointment at the decision to charge Boyce with aggravated assault, citing alleged previous robberies of her store in the past, including one that left Boyce injured.

In related news, a New Mexico man named Steven Ray Baca shot a man in self-defense after being attacked by a crowd that had originally gathered to desecrate a local statue of a conquistador.

Baca was originally charged with “aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, but those charges have since been dropped.