Aboriginals and Trump Agree: Clear Brush and Use Controlled Burns to Stop Wild Fires


Australian aboriginals and President Trump are in agreement over the best way to stop catastrophic fires – clearing the land of debris and using controlled burns.

The aboriginal technique is being commended as the way to stop the devastating bushfires that are sweeping the Australian continent.

Bill Gammage, an emeritus professor at Australian National University, who studies aboriginal history, says that their techniques are based on a combination of fuel prevention and local knowledge.

As CNN highlighted, the aboriginal community have been following this technique for over 50,000 years. Undergrowth, certain grasses, and debris are set alight in small, controlled burns that would burn quickly and gently, ensuring the trees and canopy remain unaffacted.

Animals would also be relatively unaffacted by these burns.

Gammage said it comes down the local knowledge is very important – you have to know which grasses to burn, when, and how often. Firefighters were able to save the New South Wales town of Batlow this week, despite being told it was “undefendable,” as they knew the area.

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President Trump and the aboriginal community seem to see eye to eye on this. Back in November last year, the President tweeted that he had instructed Gavin Newsom to “clean his forest floors,” along with ensuring they used controlled burns, and cut fire stoppers:

The President announced this week that that he has ordered FEMA to not send any more money to California, unless they “get their act together,” and sort out “proper Forest Management” in the state:

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Leftists are currently blaming the devastating Australian fires on climate change, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. As both President Trump and the aboriginals know, the fuel load was key to ensuring the fires burned hot and deadly.

In an article for Breitbart, James Delingpole pointed out that the environmentalists are therefore partly responsible for the devastation:

The environmentalists stuck their oar in with their fashionable notions – borrowed from Rousseau via the German ecologists and the Nazis – that nature should be left in a wild and pristine state, unsullied by man. So these idiot ‘uni’ graduates with their soft science degrees infiltrated the news media and the universities and local government – and made it harder and harder for landowners to clear the undergrowth and excess trees round their property, even if it was for potentially life-saving purposes like creating fire breaks.

Delingpole also highlighted that the Australian police have arrested over 200 people for arson, another key factor unrelated to climate change:

Whether it’s ‘arson jihad’ (as recommended by ISIS) or deranged greenies trying to draw attention to the ‘climate emergency’ or bored kids or even perfectly innocent people who were just trying to light a barbie in the bush doesn’t much matter: the point is that a lot of these fires were indeed man-made. Just not man-made in quite the green propagandists’ understanding of the phrase.

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