Actress Beaten in Anti-White Racist Attack at New York Club


Model and actress, Jennifer Agostini, and a friend were brutally beaten in an anti-white racist attack while leaving a birthday party in New York City.

Agostini and her friend, Prendinellys Garcia, are involved in a lawsuit to obtain CCTV footage from a horrific assault outside the Midtown bar, Sky Lounge, where a $1,000 tab was amassed.

The attack occurred around 3am on Saturday as they exited the West 40th Street club.

According to the New York Post, Agostini and Garcia were jumped and beaten to the ground by a group of 10 to 15 people who were yelling “white motherf—ers,” “dirty white b—-es” and “f—k those white b—-es and their money,” the court papers say, leaving them bruised and bloodied.

The New York Post continues:

“It was just this stampede as we were leaving. We just got rushed and assaulted by, I can’t tell you by how many people,” Agostini — who is set to begin filming the show “Brooklyn Ties” this Spring — told The Post.

“I’m a lead character on the series in March, and I have to now go to see numerous plastic surgeons, and I also have to go back to the concussion center to MRI my head.”

Garcia’s husband complained of his wife’s and friend’s facial injuries.

Agostini and those victimized by the assault don’t fully understand why the brawl erupted.

The New York Post states that, according to court papers, the brawl was started when one of Agostini’s party had attempted to retrieve a credit card they had left within the bar’s premises.

According to Garcia’s husband, the bouncer had provoked a verbal spat after he pushed one of the women.

“All of a sudden, 10 to 15 people jumped us,” said Stuart, who said they never filed a police report.

“I was pushed on to the ground and eight individual jumped on top of me and brutally assaulted me. I have five stitches in my head. My whole eye is closed. I am going to have numerous scars on my face,” Agostini said.

Garcia told The Post, “I have a black eye. I have been having a lot of headaches. My whole entire body hurts. They were punching and kicking me on my body.”

After a series of hoax hate crimes relentlessly pursued by the mainstream media, there appears to be an anti-white crime which fails to garner a fraction of the same exposure or attention.