ADL Threatens ‘Dire Consequences’ if Elon Musk Reinstates Trump, Twitter Users They Don’t Like


The far-left Anti-Defamation League is warning Elon Musk that reinstating banned Twitter users they don’t like will lead to “dire consequences,” publishing a list of names, including 45th President Trump, who they claim should never be allowed back online.

The ADL claims that allowing President Trump, Nick Fuentes, Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, Andrew Tate, and David Duke back on Twitter would be a “grave” mistake that will lead to “dire consequences.” On a webpage dedicated to keeping Twitter under leftist control, the Jewish advocacy group called for the men to be kept off the platform for life.

The ADL dubbed the listed men a group of “high-profile and dangerous individuals” and preceded their names with left-wing insults, like “white nationalist” and “conspiracy theorist.”

“Providing these individuals again with the vast megaphone of Twitter to spread hate and misinformation would lead to dire consequences,” threatened the ADL.

ADL Twitter Ban
The ADL is demanding that Elon Musk continue the practice of censoring certain accounts they disagree with.

The list of names released by the ADL was part of a larger, 5-point list published by the group, presenting their politically-charged demands in the form of “concerns.”

Along with calling for the accounts of President Trump and others they disagree with to be kept offline, the ADL called for continued content censorship and narrative steering before accusing Elon Musk, and white people in general, of making the internet “dangerous” for Jews, homosexuals, and racial minorities.

Even prior to Musk’s takeover, the ADL claims, Twitter “inadequately enforced its policies around antisemitism,” so they’re calling on Musk to not just keep the censorship policies in place, but enforce them to an even higher degree.

Any relaxing of censorship policies, the ADL claims, “would result in increased harm to marginalized identities such as Jewish, LGBTQ+, or black people.”

What’s more, is that reinstating banned accounts and allowing free speech on Twitter, the ADL says, “would signal that Musk is not serious about making Twitter a safe, inclusive platform for all people.”

All people, except for those the ADL disagrees with, it would seem.

ADL Hate List

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The ADL has increasingly become known as an extremely far-left Jewish supremacist group and has targeted conservatives, particularly white and Christian conservatives, for censorship and cancelation at an alarming rate.

In recent years, they’ve enjoyed a massive level of influence over Big Tech CEOs and their corporate boards.

After previously using the public weight of racism and anti-Semitism accusations to silence their opponents, the ADL, together with Big Tech, expanded its censorship techniques to include de-platforming everyone from entertainers to elected officials to ordinary citizens.

Recently, they’ve taken aim at Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, spearheading a global de-banking and de-platforming effort against him after he questioned what he sees as Jewish dominance over the banking and media sectors.

After the ADL had Ye scrubbed from social media and his bank account was canceled, they pressured Adidas, which was founded by a Nazi, to end their multi-billion dollar business relationship with him. Adidas obliged the ADL and has announced that despite canceling Ye, they’ll continue profiting from his designs after removing his name from the products and cutting him out of the money.

Though Ye was banned from Twitter in the wake of his cancelation, much to the chagrin of the ADL, his account has been reinstated.

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