Afghan Migrant Sentenced to 2 Years for Molesting 5-Year-Old Girl


An Afghan migrant has been sentenced to two years behind bars for sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl.

Ayub Miakhel, 27, denied sexually assaulting the young girl on the night of April 28th, 2018, in the French commune of Avranches in Normandy, North-West France.

In spite of initially pleaded ‘not guilty,’ sufficient evidence was presented to the court to convict Miakhel.

According to Voice of Europe, the assault happened at the home of the defendant, who, at the time, was living with two other Afghan migrants and a Sudanese migrant.

The mother of the child was sleeping on the floor of Miakhel’s apartment when the assault occurred.

The mother came to the realization that her child was no longer by her side, but in Miakhel’s bed.

The child told her mother that Miakhel had touched her inappropriately and tried to get her to fondle his genitals.

The mother later informed neighbors who called the police upon hearing the report.

When police interviewed the young victim, she told them that Miakhel had put his hand down her underwear and asked her to touch his “hard sausage.”

Miakhel was sentenced to two years in prison.

Interestingly enough, former French presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen, was facing a tougher prison sentence for posting about atrocities committed by terrorist group, ISIS, on social media.

France has been one of the trailblazing European countries to crack down on internet ‘hate speech.’

Many issues have arisen in attempting to integrate men from Maghreb and African origin–often euphemistically referred to as “les jeunes” or the youth–into French society.

Earlier this year, in Northern France, a young woman who was housing an African migrant as part of her immigration activism, was brutally stabbed to death by her house guest.