AG Garland Shuts Down After Louie Gohmert Asks About Federal Involvement In Jan 6, Labeling Parents Domestic Terrorists


Rep. Louie Gohmert confronted Garland over January 6 and the Department of Justice’s apparent plan to label parents domestic terrorists if they become upset during school board meetings.

Garland, who leads a Department of Justice plagued in scandal and accusations of partisanship, with some describing most of the January 6 defendants as political prisoners held by Garland and the Biden Regime, appeared before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday morning and was confronted by Gohmert over the FBI’s apparent involvement in January 6. Gohmert opened by noting Garland recently led parents to believe the Biden regime would soon consider them domestic terrorists.

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“You said a moment ago you couldn’t imagine a parent being labeled a domestic terrorist,” said Gohmert. “Parents all over the country believe that’s exactly what you labeled them by your memo indicating you were going to get involved in board meetings, school board meetings, because of the treat of domestic terrorism.”

Gohmert referred to a recent memo sent by the Department of Justice following a letter of complaint sent to Joe Biden from an association of school boards suggesting that parents who attend school board meetings should be investigated for domestic terrorism using the PATRIOT Act. Fact checkers later falsely claimed there was no mention of domestic terrorism, and were in turn fact checked by National File.

“So if you can’t imagine a parent being labeled a domestic terrorist, I would encourage you to redo your memo,” said Gohmert, “So it’s not perceived as being so threatening to people concerned about their kids’ education.”


Gohmert then turned the subject to January 6. The Texas Republican asked, “Has any defendant involved in the January 6 events been charged with insurrection?” Garland replied, “I don’t believe so.”

“Well, that is the word most used by Democrats here on Capitol Hill about January 6,” said Gohmert. “But no one has been charged with it that we could find either” He then questioned, “How many protesters on January 6 were charged with obstructing an official proceeding” for some period of time.

“I don’t know the exact number,” admitted Garland. In reality this is the most common charge for January 6 defendants, along with a smattering of conspiracy charges for those the Department of Justice believes planned the attack. “Obviously there were 650 who were arrested,” added Garland.

“Regarding the men who broke the glass and the two doors there at the speaker’s lobby when the two Capitol Police then standing there moved to the side to allow them access,” Gohmert described, “Were any of those people who broke glass and did damage to those doors working for the FBI or other federal law enforcement entities?”

At this point Garland stammered and stopped answering Gohmert’s questions. “I, uh, this is an ongoing criminal investigation and I am not at liberty to discuss,” said Garland, before noting that some of the information Gohmert requested may have been made available in court filings.

It appears Gohmert was referring to video that aired on Newsmax earlier this year. As National File reported:

The report also details Bobby Powell’s viral video that exposed two likely FBI informants who were filmed “breaking windows, attacking the building, and even pushing people inside the US Capitol.” The following is a paragraph from the Gateway Pundit report:

Bobby was on the east side of the US Capitol on Jan. 6. He witnessed several men attacking the building. Bobby told OAN, “Two men I saw attacking the building, breaking windows, and even pushing people inside HAVE NOT been arrested. And they are not on the list of suspects being sought by the FBI. Now I provided the FBI with 29 minutes of high definition footage, 1080p, more than five months ago. Neither one of these men has been arrested. They are not in any of the 400+ indictments, I’ve checked them all. There’s not one frame of video not one still photograph on either of these men on the FBI’s webpage that ask people to give them tips on who the rioters were. The FBI’s YouTube channel or their Facebook page. They’re putting up all kinds of fuzzy pictures but they’re not putting up the HDI images that I sent them.”