Alabama Senate Votes to Ban Transgender ‘Treatment’ of Children


The Alabama Senate on Tuesday approved the passage of a bill that would make it a felony to provide sex-change “treatment” to “transgender” minors.

The “Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act,” sponsored by Republican State Senator Shay Shelnutt, was passed in the Alabama Senate by 23-4, bans the prescription of puberty-blocking drugs, the use of hormone therapy, or sex-change surgery, from being performed on minors. Anyone who violates the bill could face a 10 year prison sentence, or a $15,000 fine.

“Children aren’t mature enough to make these decisions on surgeries and drugs,” said Shelnutt, praising the passage of the bill, and suggested that a far better method for children dealing with gender dysphoria was counseling, but not counseling that affirmed a different gender identity. “The whole point is to protect kids,” he added. The Alabama House is considering a similar bill, which is currently in committee stages.

Mainstream news reports made sure to include condemnation of the bill from radical transgender campaigners and “civil rights” groups, with outraged leftists claiming that the bill would somehow “endanger” transgender children.

The ACLU claimed that it “runs counter to medical science, prevailing standards of treatment for transgender youth, and basic human dignity.” The group, along with the SPLC and others, had organized protests outside the state capitol during the passage of the bill.

Alabama is not the only state to be considering legislation to ban transgender treatment for minors; 7 other states have also had similar bills introduced. National File reported last month that Florida House Rep Anthony Sabatini filed the Protecting Girl’s Sports Act, which would criminalize transgender treatment at the same time as preventing transgender athletes from competing in girls’s sports in school.

While on the campaign trail in October last year, Joe Biden had told the mother of a supposed transgender child that he supports 8-year-olds being able to transition. It is unclear whether there will be any action on a federal level to counteract the legislation from Alabama and other states if the movement grows.