Alex Stein Is Dominating America First Counterculture and Making People Laugh


Last Updated on October 12, 2022

While most, if not all, National File readers are well aware of who Alex Stein is, this journalist recently wondered how many of us truly know why he embarked on a marathon of performance art that has graced local government meetings and the steps of the United States Congress alike.

As origin stories go, Stein’s is one rooted in an innate curiosity about the human condition. More importantly, it’s rooted in the absolute depravity of a genderless society that places more value on the murder of innocent lives than it does the traditional family unit or a society based firmly on our nation’s founding documents.

This journalist has engaged in his fair number of charades, both comedic and deadly serious, to educate and inform the American people about the dire straits we currently face in the United States.

A jokester at heart, Stein told National File that he was motivated to get into politics because of what he saw as a lack of engagement from elected officials with their constituents. When approached in a normal fashion, it’s easy for political figures to ignore those to whom they’re accountable, Stein explained to National File.

“I am really into conspiracies so I don’t trust either side and I noticed that if you try to speak to politicians seriously they just basically ignore you or pretend to listen but if you mock them like they mock us then you get this totally new outcome of unlocking the NPC version of themselves and they then become affected by my actions and when politicians get made fun of they often times meltdown because their egos are so big and they never face scrutiny. So I got into politics once I realized I could actually shake things up by making fun of them,” explained Stein.

Alex broke down his style of activism on Tucker Carlson this summer, which you can see below.

The Texas native’s affinity for truth-telling by way of comedy has helped him grow his brand, amassing millions of followers on mainstream and alternative digital media platforms. In the coming months, he will also start broadcasting his new daily news program on The BlazeTV.

“We have to break through the cognitive dissonance that runs roughshod over the dialogue in American politics currently. I have been blessed to have gotten support from thousands of regular everyday people because I can make them laugh and deliver very potent truths at the same time,” Stein says.

And for a white dude from Texas, Stein’s understanding of the pop culture and lexicon originating in the world of rap and hip-hop is bar none.

Who can forget his classic troll of dopey bartender and low-IQ New York Congresswoman AOC?

On the steps of the U.S. Capitol building, Stein coined AOC’s status as a world-famous “BIG BOOTY LATINA,” in a mega-viral video that was cemented in comedy gold after being remixed to the tune of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s classic, “I Like Big Butts.”

However, for all of his constant jokes, infectious laugh, and carefree demeanor, Stein’s in-your-face unbridled positivity isn’t the entirety of the gonzo journalist.

“Like so many others, I lost my Mom on October 25th of 2021, when she was diagnosed with COVID and given treatment without our authorization. I am now in a legal battle with one of the largest hospital systems in the United States. As the next-of-kin, I was legally in control of her treatment and moved forward without my consent. This has encouraged me to do everything possible to give power back to those who feel powerless and focus on speaking the truth with absolutely no regrets.” 

Aside from traveling across the country to expose politicians from the local to the federal level, Stein is doing stand-up performances. He’s due in Orlando, Florida on October 27th with a group of comedians, journalists, and satirists organized by Compound Media, which is run by publisher Anthony Cumia.

You can learn more about it here. 

During his first round of performances, Antifa beta-males attempted to menace attendees, which ended up providing even more entertainment.

“Alex Stein manages to do in-your-face journalism, but keep it funny,” veteran political strategist, NYT bestseller, and Trump confidante Roger Stone.

Stein, who identifies as a “PIMP / ON A BLIMP / EATING SHRIMP” concluded by telling National File that he relishes in the fact that he plans to continue “scaring the pants” off the globalists and new world order.

And for Stein, like many Americans fed up with their globalist overlords, it doesn’t matter if people have an R or D next to their name. He infamously confronted phony Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger for a second time in Washington DC.

Be on the lookout. If we can’t rent the Goodyear Blimp to assist us in beating back the globalists, we just might have to go in and steal it,” concluded Stein

You can follow Alex’s work on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

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