Alliance of College Republicans Calls for Immediate America First Immigration Moratorium


A coalition of America First Republican student groups has authored an Emergency Resolution For Greater Immigration Restrictions that was released on Wednesday afternoon.

The pro-America resolution was co-sponsored by The Real University of Maine College Republicans, Bruin Republicans at UCLA, America First Bruins, Berkeley College Republicans, College Republicans United at Arizona State University, San Diego State University College Republicans, and Hussan University College Republicans.

“In times of crisis, Americans have come together to keep our country safe,” the resolution reads. “We, as young American patriots, have united to support a resolution urging President Donald J. Trump to pass an indefinite moratorium on all immigration to the United States of America.”

The resolution notes that strong borders are key when it comes to containing the coronavirus pandemic: “It is uncertain when the Wuhan Virus will be eradicated and we must take every precaution to prevent its spread. The need for secure borders – air, land, and sea, could never be to prevent the disease from being reintroduced to our country.”

The resolution also calls for the Trump administration to re-dedicate its plans to erect a barrier along the southern border to preempt the spread of the virus.

Nine key bullet points for the Trump administration are laid out in the resolution, including suspension of all resettlement programs for foreign nationals, suspension of all work and student visa programs for foreign nationals, and  taxation of alien workers’ remittances to their home countries.

The press release concludes, “As College Republicans who reject the dangerous open-borders agenda, we are united in calling President Trump to adhere to and implement a platform to Buy American, Hire American, and put America First – beginning with an immediate and indefinite immigration moratorium that protects the health, safety, and welfare of our citizens against globalist threats.”

Speaking to National File, Jeremiah Childs of Real University of Maine College Republicans provided some insight into what spurred the alliance of America First student groups to author the resolution:

I’ve met a lot of college Republicans from all over the country at CPAC and other events, and college Republicans may be the most disorganized, not an organize group of organizations. We have to unite together to get everything done. We thought it was about time the borders were closed. It makes no sense that we’re continuing to take immigrants and refugees when our whole country is in lockdown. And that is actually the number one way which the disease is spreading, it makes no sense. College Republicans should have been doing this for the past century, they just haven’t. I think it’s finally gotten some people into action. This has emboldened other chapters to start doing things.

Childs added that he expects more student groups across the country to get on board with the resolution in coming weeks.

This is definitely an indication that the America First message is spreading like wildfire,” Childs said.

America First conservative blogger and commentator Michelle Malkin was cited as a key inspiration for the resolution. “Michelle Malkin is fantastic, she’s a mentor to all of us … She wants to help young people take this country back, and we need more people like Malkin out there,” Childs said.

The America First Bruins student group also spoke to National File about the resolution:

We on our side of the rightosphere have been calling for a moratorium for some time now, and this issue has really been a barbell that’s broke the camel’s back so to speak. This issue has of course caused a major rift in the conservative movement, but we believe that this is one of – if not the most – important issues of our lifetimes. As a result, we thought it prudent to make a call from a younger generation to our politicians, hoping to catch their ear.

America First students have grown increasingly dissatisfied with the establishment GOP’s perceived prioritization of corporate interests and indifference to more traditional conservative issues over the past several years, a rift which ultimately culminated in 2019’s “Groyper Wars.”