America First Congressional Candidate Joe Kent Calls For Lt. Colonel Scheller’s Immediate Release From ‘Unjust Imprisonment’


America First Congressional candidate Joe Kent (R-WA) is calling for the United States Marine Corp to “immediately” release Lt. Colonel Stu Scheller from his “unjust imprisonment” after the Marine was incarcerated for criticizing the Biden Regime’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.

Joe Kent, an America First Republican running for Congress in Washington against RINO Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, is calling for the immediate release of Lt. Col. Stu Scheller, the Marine who was jailed after posting a series of viral videos in which he criticized the Biden Regime’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal and called for real accountability from military leadership.

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In a press release, Kent said:

“It is remarkable that in the enduring disaster that is the Afghanistan withdrawal, from the loss of soldiers’ lives to the surrender of military equipment  to the assault of a US service member by ‘refugees’ our government evacuated, that the only person who is in prison as a consequence is the man who called it out.

I commend Lt Col Scheller for speaking out about the disaster in Afghanistan and demanding accountability for the loss of life during the evacuation, leaving Americans in Afghanistan to the mercy of the Taliban and all of the lies perpetuated by the military industrial complex over the past two decades.

Lt Col Scheller has served honorably and submitted his formal resignation. The USMC must release him and allow Scheller to leave the military with honor.”

After the first video Lt. Col. Scheller made, the military had relieved him from his duties based on a “lack of trust and confidence” in the wake of the Afghanistan withdrawal that Americans all over the country had criticized over the Biden regime’s choice to leave Americans behind, stranded in Taliban territory. (READ MORE: Military Brass Relieves Marine Who Criticized Biden’s Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal)

Rather than let Lt. Col. Scheller leave the military with honor, he has been imprisoned. Lt. Col. Scheller’s parents have made recent appearances on television calling for their sons release from imprisonment. Members of Congress, including Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) have also joined in calls for his release. In a letter issued on September 29, several lawmakers issued calls for his release from pretrial confinement.