Andrew Torba Announces Major Update For Gab TV: ‘Playlists, Custom Thumbnails, A Brand New Player’


Gab CEO Andrew Torba revealed several of the new updates on his Gab TV account and on his Gab account. “Huge Gab TV update with playlists, custom thumbnails, a brand new player, and tons of bug fixes,” wrote Torba.

Rob Colbert, the creator of Gab’s infrastructure, Gab TV, Dissenter, and other parts of the social media platform, revealed several of the new updates on his Gab account and in a video posted to Gab TV. Colbert revealed a “new share button” which offers multiple choices, including the ability to share Gab TV videos directly to Gab. Colbert also reveals that users can also share Gab TV videos to “Legacy Tech” websites including Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram. Users can also still embed Gab TV videos to their website.

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Also available are playlists and the ability to share playlists, a better scroll bar for videos, and the ability to upload custom thumbnails for videos. Among the other new features is newly added pagination in the search feature. Colbert explains in a post on his Gab account, “As you flip through pages, you are also flipping through pages of matching channels in the sidebar.”

“TV Channel views now have working ‘load more’ and will scroll back to the first video uploaded” to Gab TV, he added in another post. “Not limited to a 30-day history.” Similarly, “Category views also now have working ‘load more’ so you can browse back in categories.” He added, “You can scroll back to launch.” The same feature also works for subscriptions.

It appears several of the updates to Gab TV are aimed at integrating the video platform with Gab, allowing users to leverage their Gab followers to increase awareness of their Gab TV account, which may have less subscribers than the associated Gab account has followers. “I really want to thank the people who support Gab in what we do, I mean by going Pro, I mean by buying a t-shirt, or a hat, or by making a donation,” said Colbert. “That level of support is what makes these kinds of advancements in our technology possible.”

National File’s Gab Channel was launched earlier this month, and now features uploads of National File’s daily broadcasts and interviews. Watch National File’s interview with Jeff Younger, the father of James Younger, a 9-year-old boy whose mother claims he is transgender and forces him to wear dresses and nail polish below. Younger is lobbying Texas politicians to pass legislation that would protect children like James.