Animal Rights Activists Berate Blind Man for Having Guide Dog


A blind man was left rather bemused after aggressive animal rights activists confronted him over his guide dog.

Jonathan Attenborough, 30, has been completely blind for five years and relies on his trusty guide dog–a labrador by the name of Sam.

Attenborough from Newburgh, Fife, has said that the guide dog has improved his life immeasurably, in spite of his condition.

Sam’s trusty guidance aside, Attenborough has brought up two occasions where animal rights activists have voiced their opposition towards the concept of having a guide dog–that it rids the canines of their freedom.

Attenborough has also said that other blind individuals have complained of similar encounters from those portending to represent animal rights.

The Daily Mail reports on Mr Attenborough’s confrontations:

Mr Attenborough said: ‘The first time it happened to me was in April this year. I was in a café in Edinburgh with Sam and a man approached me to tell me I shouldn’t have a guide dog.

‘He said dogs should be running free in the fields, not sitting in cafes. I thought he was joking at first.

‘He wasn’t particularly hostile, just looking to have a conversation, and after I explained what kind of life Sam has, he wasn’t 100 per cent [convinced] but he did seem much more open to the idea.’

The second incident, however, was more ‘aggressive’. Mr Attenborough told how he and another guide dog owner were approached by a so-called ‘animal rights activist’ in a Portsmouth bar, who called them ‘cruel’. He added: ‘She was very in our faces and made us feel very uncomfortable.

‘I was so taken aback. I tried to have a conversation with her but she didn’t listen, she just seemed to be in a rage. It got to the point her husband came over to lead her away.’ He added: ‘Now it’s very much on my radar, I wonder about it happening again and what people think.

‘But since the subject has been in the news I have had a lot of support, which is good to see. People can’t believe that this sort of thing happens to guide dog owners.’

Animal rights activists have clinched the spotlight in Spain on two occasions following some strange antics.

Around 100 rabbits died as a consequence from an incursion by animal rights activists at a farm in Eastern Spain.

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The activists posted a viral video on social media where they, drenched in blood, claimed to be shot at by the owner of the property.

Another bizarre article, reported by the National File, found so-called anti-speciesist transfeminist activists attempt to separate hens from roosters to prevent the hens from being raped by the roosters–as the hens weren’t able to consent.