Ann Coulter Endorses Pete D’Abrosca for U.S. House in NC


Pete D’Abrosca, an emerging Conservative firebrand running for US House in North Carolina as a Republican,  has been endorsed by Ann Coulter, a trusted and established Conservative Firebrand.

D’Abrosca faces a Primary challenger for the seat in North Carolina’s 7th Congressional district.  Major platform items for his campaign include immigration.

“My plan is to introduce flagship legislation in Washington D.C. to put a complete moratorium on immigration to the United States – legal and illegal – for a period of 10 years,” D’Abrosca said.

Coulter is an outspoken proponent of “America First” immigration policies.

“My Candidate!,” Coulter posted Wednesday on Twitter.

According to an August press release from D’Abrosca’s campaign:

“I’m running for Congress to retire the Chairman of the House Anonymous Caucus, Rep. David Rouzer, an alleged Republican who has been silent on every major issue that matters to Republican voters both in the District, and across America,” D’Abrosca said.

“Washington needs outsiders in Congress, not ‘yes-men’ for the GOP Establishment, which has actively worked against President Trump at nearly every turn.”

Rouzer, an establishment candidate,  has been in Congress for years and seems to be focused on providing cheap labor, and protecting jobs for “migrants”, which is not an America First concept.

The News and Observer wrote in 2017, “About 80,000 farmworkers – primarily Latino migrants and immigrants as well as U.S. natives – toil on farms in North Carolina, where agriculture still plays a major role, according to the N.C. Farm Bureau. Advocacy groups put that number closer to 150,000.”

National File spoke with D’Abrosca, who gave us the following statement:

“I’m proud to have the endorsement of one of America’s most ardent supporters of immigration reform. Based on the overwhelmingly positive response I’ve received since Ann’s endorsement, the time for an immigration moratorium has come. Ordinary Americans recognize that we cannot continue down the dangerous path of unfettered legal and illegal immigration.

Of particular importance, Ann endorsed me over an incumbent Republican, Rep. David Rouzer. Our current Congressman, despite the fact that he represents the party that is supposed to be fighting back against the left’s immigration free-for-all, is clearly not getting the job done. Americans are beginning to understand that if we want to enact President Trump’s America First policies, he must have actual conservatives like me fighting in his corner in the halls of Congress, instead of fake Republicans working with Democrats against America’s interests.”

D’Abrosca’s first step to clear for a seat in the US House of Representatives is March 3, 2020.