Anti-Trump ‘Conservative’ Joe Walsh Whines on CNN, Twitter After Radio Show is Cancelled


Failed anti-Trump conservative and former congressman Joe Walsh announced on Thursday that his radio show has been cancelled by his network.

“Some bad news. Looks like I’ve lost my radio show,” Walsh announced on Twitter on Thursday. “The network is run by a big Trumper, and he’s wanted to boot me for awhile [sic]. Looks like it finally happened,” he continued, adding that he wasn’t surprised, but he was upset by the situation. “I thought it was so important to have ONE anti-Trump conservative voice on the radio.”

Walsh then proceeded to whine about his radio show’s cancellation from the GAB Network in an appearance on CNN. Even though he declared he didn’t want to “sound like a crybaby,” he continued to paint himself as the sole “loud, outspoken” crusader against President Trump on conservative radio who was being shut down in favour of people who “bow down and praise Donald Trump all day”:

If you want to succeed in conservative media, they don’t want you to be honest… You can be like Sean Hannity, and kiss Trump’s feet every day and make a lot of money. Most Republicans though, and most people in conservative media, they do their best to not have to talk about Trump, because they don’t like him and they know he’s bad for the party and the country, so they do what people like Tucker Carlson do, and just generally try to ignore Trump. I couldn’t do that. So if you’re outspoken like me against Trump, you have no place.

Walsh claimed that all the Trump supporters who are watching Fox News and listening to talk radio (other than him) are living in “an alternate reality” and “a sea of conspiracies and lies.” Every conservative show is “manipulating” Trump supporters, he argued, and that he was the “only conservative on conservative talk radio trying to put truth in front of Republican voters every day.”

Walsh challenged President Trump in the Republican primaries for the 2020 presidential election, failing to even gain 1% of the vote across the country. Following his total defeat, Walsh appeared on CNN and declared that he would rather have a socialist candidate in the White House than President Trump. “Donald Trump is a dictator, he’s a king. He is literally the greatest threat to this country right now,” he said. “Any Democrat would be better than Trump in the White House. That’s not an easy thing for me to say, but that tells you how serious this moment is.” Walsh eventually endorsed Joe Biden.

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He suggested that the future for him would be ending having to become a bartender or a barista somewhere. “I’ve lost everything since [coming out against President Trump], and it’s been a struggle trying to find a place, and maybe I can’t, but no regrets!”