Antifa Professor Resigns After Posts About Attacking Trump, Killing Christians


An adjunct English professor at Kirkwood College who is described himself as a member of Antifa in a local TV interview was discovered to have made controversial Facebook posts.

The double standards used by social media companies in dissenting ‘hate speech’ or calls to violence have been criticized by commentators and activists.

Social media companies have been known to collude with Western Governments in cracking down on so-called ‘fake news’ and ‘hate speech.’

Silicon Valley was suspected of creating an extra-legal version of China’s social credit system–presumably to be rolled out in the US.

Big Tech has been accused of overstepping their capacity as ‘private companies,’ with many voices demanding special regulation given their ability to influence culture and politics.

Double standards also seem to be in place when it comes to political violence.

Jeff Klinzman made posted which could be interpreted as violent against the US President.

According to Law Enforcement Today:

An attorney from Cedar Rapid, Sara Riley said that while what Klinzman posted may suggest an act of violence against the president, she does not expect him to be charged.

“It’s so ambiguous that there is just no way that he’d ever be considered a true threat,” said Riley.

According to KCRG, a search through Klinzman’s Facebook page shows over the years that he has also made statements expressing his desire to “stop evangelical Christians” where he included a poem that said:

“Kill them all and bury them deep in the ground”.

Klinzman went on to explain:

“It’s not pretty, and I’m not proud, but seeing what evangelical Christians are doing to this county and its people fills me with rage, and a desire to exact revenge.”

Klinzman as the utmost contempt for those of the Christian faith.

The investigative team also shared posts between the professor and Pastor Dave Doyle of Hope Christian Fellowship in Cedar Rapids. Doyle thinks Klinzman should be removed from the classroom immediately.

“This is not something you can just dance around the topic,” said Doyle. “You have to confront it, you have to face it, you to deal with it, sometimes very bluntly and I don’t see that is what Kirkwood is doing there right now.”

Klinzman did say in a statement that his comments about killing Christians may have gone too far but he said he would only apologize to those Christians who share his “commitment” to various issues facing the country.

Infamous Antifa ‘Bike Lock Professor,’ Eric Clanton, escaped with three-years probation when felony charges were dropped after he was caught on film bludgeoning a demonstrator with a bike lock.

According to Reason Magazine, it appears that Klinzman was later forced to resign following his comments.

In the official statement:

The school has stated that the professor was not removed due to his views or his right to express them. Kirkwood says their decision is based solely on their commitment to harboring a safe learning environment for our students, faculty and staff.

The college has also stated: “However, when the expression of views by him or any member of our community is perceived as placing public safety in jeopardy, or hampers our ability to deliver on our mission, we will always do what is necessary in service to our students’ pursuit of a higher education.”