Arab Journalist Pete D’Abrosca Slams Wells Fargo For Debanking Him Days Before Juneteenth


Only days after Wells Fargo canceled American Greatness journalist Pete D’Abrosca’s savings account with no clear explanation, other than that it was a “business decision,” the bank has now canceled another one of his accounts, prompting him to immediately withdraw his funds in anticipation that his final account would be canceled in the coming days. Now, D’Abrosca is slamming the American multinational financial services company for their decision to cancel a “person of color” only days before the first federally recognized Juneteenth holiday.

D’Abrosca, who is half Arab and part Italian, told National File that “This is a horrible week for Wells Fargo to ban a person of color as we celebrate the sacred holiday of Juneteenth on Saturday.” He added, “It’s a real extra jab to ban me from banking as I celebrate with my fellow POC the emancipation of slaves, and yet another win for civil rights. Wells Fargo should be ashamed of itself.”

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After noting the importance of the upcoming day of remembrance, and how Wells Fargo’s decision came across as a racist attack against people of color, D’Abrosca slammed the Republican party for being “behind the curve” on all forms of censorship, and seemingly oblivious to the new threat posed to conservative voters by financial institutions.

“The most important thing to know is that this is the next frontier for censorship,” said D’Abrosca. “The GOP should be literally banging down the doors of these monopolies to break them up. That should be the consequence, when an entity is so powerful that it can run over a private citizen without explanation. There’s nobody who’s doing this, left or right.” He added that the Republican Party would make this one of its defining issues moving into the 2022 midterm elections “If the GOP, as an organization, wasn’t so worthless, and behind the curve.”

“Everybody likes to mock Roosevelt because he busted the trusts, but if he hadn’t busted the trusts, the monopolies would have taken over,” he added, “And we’re dangerously close to the same thing happening today. While the GOP is so worried about their libertarian leanings, the Heritage Foundation, they’re too weak to do anything, to stand up and say this is wrong, it doesn’t matter who’s stepping on your neck, you’re going to die eventually. You’re going to choke to death eventually.”

Wells Fargo also canceled the account belonging to America First political pundit Lauren Witzke, leaving her stranded out of state with no access to her funds. The American multinational company eventually told National File that “the decision to cancel Witzke’s account was not due to “political views or affiliations” but could have been due to “a number of reasons” and claimed they “reviewed this situation” and “it was handled appropriately.”