ARGENTINA: Sprite Runs LGBT Ad Celebrating Breast Binding, Drag


Sprite in Argentina ran a controversial viral advertisement depicting transgender individuals being prepared to attend a pride event with assistance from their family.

The advert shows a clip where a female actor is having her breasts bound–to give the illusion of male flatchestedness–before getting changed.

Another clip ostensibly show’s a drag queen’s grandmother assist him with putting on a wig.

The 1 minute 35 second advert is set to Carousel’s You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Sprite is owned by Coca-Cola and ran the ad just prior to Buenos Aires’s Pride event.

The ad campaign uses slogans such as “Pride: that feeling when someone you love chooses to be free,” the ad says. “You’re not alone.”

The ad concludes with the Spanish, “Orgullo: Lo que sentís cuando alguien que querés elige ser feliz,” and “No estás solx,” which is a non-gendered version of the Spanish used in solidarity with non-binary individuals.

The advert polarized debate, with some outwardly praising the message while others condemned the advert–even threatening to boycott the brand for their stance.

Sprite in Argentina also ran similar adverts last month in an effort to appeal to youngsters.

One of the adverts featured a biological boy who didn’t feel comfortable as a boy while talking to a chatroom.

Another was an obese boy who felt insecure with his man breasts telling a chatroom how he felt.

To both, the chatrooms were empathetic with their feelings which underscored the point of the advert: you are not alone (in your victimhood).