Arkansas Dems Plan To Vote In GOP Primary To Support ‘Establishment Shill’ John Boozman Over Jan Morgan


Several Arkansas Democrats have responded to the news that Jan Morgan, a veteran reporter turned firearms instructor, is running against “establishment shill” Sen. John Boozman in a public comments section of the Arkansas Times, a leading online and print opinion publication in the state.

Morgan slammed Boozman for being an establishment member of the Republican Party who is willing to work with Democrats in a her campaign announcement video, as National File reported. “Many of us worked hard to help our President drain the swamp, but now the future of America is up to us. Will we the people pick up that torch and continue draining the swamp? The RINO sellouts in DC like John Boozman absolutely will not,” said Morgan. “I am not a career politician, I am a hardworking business owner, who has been in training for years, preparing to step into this ring at this time to fight this fight for you, the forgotten people that DC RINOS have ignored for years.”

The Arkansas Times ran a brief story on Morgan’s candidacy, prompting many of their left-leaning readers to discuss whether they would vote in the Republican primary to keep Boozman on the ticket and prevent Morgan from making it to Washington, D.C., indicating Democrats would rather run against Boozman, or that Democrats understand Boozman’s status as an establishment insider means he will often be indistinguishable from Democrats.

One Democrat referred to Morgan as “Arkansas’ version of Marjorie Taylor Greene,” and posited, “Do we trust Arkansas voters to stick with worthless John [Boozman], or do we have to [crossover], hold nose and vote for him in [the] Rethuglican primary?”

Another was more direct in their intention to vote for Boozman to prevent Morgan’s victory.

“Guess I’ll be voting in the GOP primary,” wrote one user, before noting that the local Democrat leadership often fails to produce a worthy challenger.

A third commenter echoed this sentiment and referred to Boozman as “the human sloth” but said that “Morgan is worse” before comparing her to her fellow Republican Party firebrands Reps. Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Since Morgan’s announcement video was released, the video has accrued over 30,000 views and over 3,400 likes on Facebook.