Author Says Rescue Your Kids from Common Core, Save the Country


Alex Newman doesn’t like the Common Core curriculum and wrote a book exposing the Marxist agenda that he says is purposefully destroying the minds of American children, and leaving the entire country in peril.

Author of “Crimes of the Educator” and other books, speeches and campaigns, Newman is also a teacher, and an investigative journalist focusing on the consequences of a Marxist agenda in American public schools.

He especially highlights the roots of the anti-liberty movement of current Karl Marx inspired educator-activists who designed the Common Core Curriculum.

“Marxism and Communism are influencing public education and it is a criminal enterprise. The education establishment is taking our money and perpetuating a monstrous fraud on us,” Newman told Epoch Times at a recent event.  “Clearly, they are not educating kids,” he said.

In fact, Newman points out, the leading experts on education who served as board members with Newman, asked to validate Common Core refused to do so, saying that students would learn false math and would be lacking problem-solving skills.

Newman is a busy advocate, public speaker, consultant and broadcaster for American independence from a movement to Globalize all American institutions, especially the institution of public education.

Newman points out that the failing reform theories of Horace Mann were quickly debunked during his own era, yet have resurfaced now and can be seen in lessons on reading.  “They didn’t work in the 1800’s, why are we using Mann’s theories now?” Newman said.

Newman described the Communist and Marxist ideology upheld by the founders of modern-day public schools. “They wanted the Bible out.  They want to undermind individual thought.  We are starting to see the culmination with the globalized school system,” he said.

“Students are well versed in Gender, but not in American Civics or Math,” he said. “We have spent one trillion dollars on this education system it is a total fraud.”

At a time when the Government is forcing parents to accept failing schools and a focus on genderism, foreign religious indoctrination, Newman is calling for parents to “rescue” their children from public schools.

“Resucing our children from public schools is rescuing our rights and our freedom,” Newman, a Millennial, said.