AZ GOP Chair Kelli Ward Calls For Forensic Audit Of Pima County Over 86% Mail-In Ballot Return Rate


Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward broke down the new analysis of mail-in ballots from the 2020 Presidential in Pima County, Arizona and found alarming anomalies.

In a video posted on Twitter by the Republican Party of Arizona, AZ GOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward detailed startling results from the recent analysis of mail-in ballots from the 2020 election in Pima County Arizona.

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Of the mail-in ballots used in the 2020 election in Pima County, Arizona’s second largest county, the return rate of the ballots was 86%. This was particularly “startling” according to Ward, who added that over 40 precincts in the Pima County had a return-rate of over 97%.

“This does not happen,” she continued. “Apart from the absurdity of having over 100% of ballots returned, we just do not see 99 or 100%, or over 100% in countries with real elections.”

“As I said before, Pima is the second most populous county here in Arizona. It usually accounts for more than 20% of total statewide vote and it is, of course, a Democrat stronghold,” Ward said.

“There is a petition movement to have a full forensic audit of the Pima County 2020 election, similar to what was done in Maricopa County. We should join it and we should urge the Attorney General to get it done,” she said.

“We must get to the bottom of what happened. Also, our Election Integrity Unit through the Attorney General needs to begin canvassing, canvassing statewide so we can verify if all these mail-in ballots were cast properly, or even if they were real votes at all.”

“We The People will not back down. We will not waver. We will continue to continue our vital work to ensure that our elections are free and fair, now, and in years to come,” she said.”