Bannon Attributes Black Friday Boom to ‘America First’ Policies


Stephen Bannon and co-hosts of the War Room Podcast agreed that trying to destroy President Donald J. Trump over foreign policy or connections to Russia will not work because Americans are employed and have more personal wealth than before Trump’s election.

With the American economy on fire and against the backdrop of recent scenes like Hong Kong anti-Communist fighters celebrating Free Enterprise, Americans are expected to do a lot of shopping this “Black Friday” weekend, pointing to the merits of Economic Nationalism.

“People are too busy to care about Impeachment,” said Raheem Kassam, co-host of the War Room Podcast.  Adding that impeachment is not polling well with Americans because they like the economy. “Sales for Black Friday will be up,” he said.

Projections are that Black Friday sales will be significantly up.  The War Room Impeachment co-hosts agreed that the good news would be a reflection of Trump’s economic “America First” policies.

Juxtaposed against the likes of The Squad and Pelosi’s and Schiff’s impeachment effort are high profile battles for freedom between impoverished young citizens of Hong Kong and China’s communist government. The former openly wish for what America has, and are willing to take brutal beat downs from police while crying out to America.

On Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, anti-communist freedom fighters in Hong Kong sent messages to America on social media, showing they too want a chance at Free Enterprise and liberty.

The appeal comes at a time when American capitalism is shifts ever leftward toward a system more closely resembling that of China’s.

Illustrating how Democrats are out of touch with people’s lack of concern about Russia, Kassam said,  “if you are going to worry about Kleptocrats and bad guys you are going to have to worry about all of the London and DC establishment, Kassam said. “That is why we need to Focus on Beijing, not Moscow.”

“Americans don’t care about Trump dealing with Putin”, Bannon, an outspoken anti-Communist advocate said, adding that in World War II, America dealt with bad guys.

The hosts agreed that Americans are focused on Trump keeping his campaign promises, “Trump said he is going to tear this place down, get out of middle-eastern wars, drain the swamp the foreign and domestic policies and lobbyists who make up the swamp, and who have left the average Americans without $400 in their pockets,” Kassam said.

“That is why this Black Friday is going to be huge, Americans finally have more cash in their pockets,” Bannon said.

“Under Trump, the Middle-Class have $5000 more in their pockets, their lives are getting better, and they are psyched, “said  Co-host Jack Maxy.

“Economic Nationalism means if you are a Citizen of the United States, it doesn’t matter if you are black or white, or anything else,  what creed you are, you going to be better financially,” Bannon said.

In agreement, Kassam said, “you hear it out there so much, black Americans are doing better under Trump, Democrats are not looking out for minorities, they are looking out for themselves. Look at the Squad, they kill off the jobs.  For ordinary people taking jobs away, that doesn’t stack up.  Let the Animal Spirits Rage,” he said.

According to Investopedia:

 Animal spirit is a term used by the famous British economist, John Maynard Keynes, to describe how people arrive at financial decisions, including buying and selling securities, in times of economic stress or uncertainty.

“That is what Free Market Capitalism is and Trump wants to let it go to work,” said  Bannon.

“Hard-working Americans know Trump has kept his promises, and they see that in the factories that are opening, in the cash in their pockets, in the way he is trying to protect the country,” Maxy said.