Bannon Ignites War Room: Impeachment in Defense of President Trump


Steve K. Bannon, former executive chairman of Breitbart News, has a new project called War Room Impeachment Podcast, dedicated to a populist, economic nationalist cause, meant to defend President Donald J. Trump.

The War Room Impeachment Podcast is just a few days old and has already had an impressive list of guests meant to get information to the Washington, D.C. players and the grassroots about the tactics of the Democrats in the unfolding impeachment plans.

The idea for the War Room Impeachment Podcast came after a discussion with radio host and former Virginia Trump campaign manager, Bannon said in an interview with Michael Patrick Leahy.

In that discussion, Bannon’s views of Impeachment and Nancy Pelosi’s tactics were marginalized and dismissed as fake news.

Bannon is a wildly popular and effective leader of grassroots activists and voters. Many of Bannon’s supporters were eager for him to return to his daily broadcasts.  His popular radio program, Breitbart News Today, was instrumental in Trump’s 2016 presidential victory.

Bannon’s new podcast will especially focus discussion around Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“She’s running the tables on political warfare and political disinformation.  We’ve got to get focused here. I think Matt Gaetz last week, you know Matt Gaetz getting down into the House. The bowels of the House kind of broke the fever,” Bannon told Leahy.

“The grassroots are going to need to get engaged. Listen, here’s what’s happening. Nancy Pelosi is running a very sophisticated political warfare campaign here. And her campaign is actually winning right now,” Bannon said.

Bannon will be joined by co-hosts Raheem Kassam who ran the war room for Brexit and Jason Miller who’s a communications director and ran the war room for the Trump campaign.

Current plans for the team are a daily broadcast from 9-10 AM Eastern time, from the Facebook Page, Trump At War, and radio stations owned by John Fredericks, who had earlier supported embattled “Black Face” Virginia Democrat Ralph Northam.


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Posted by Trumpatwar on Wednesday, October 30, 2019