Bannon to War Room, ‘Trump Had Duty To Not Export American Crony Capitalism Into Ukraine’


Rep. Dan Meuser (R-PA), who Stephen K. Bannon said was from “the center of Trump revolt and the cornerstone of MAGA movement,” was on the War Room: Impeachment Podcast, Tuesday to talk about the populist voter’s point of view of the Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

Talking about the emerging consensus between Republican leaders and American voters, Raheem Kassam, Bannon and Meuser agreed that Trump was doing what he was elected to do but he was not doing what the administrative government employees, what Bannon calls the “administrative state”, agreed with.

“This [Impeachment] is over what Trump brought up as an example of corruption, the Vice President [Biden].  He was making the point that we have the duty to not export American Crony Capitalism into an already corrupt system in Ukraine,” Bannon said.

Republicans, the minority group in the House,  put out a report that represented their findings of the impeachment hearings so far, and which did not agree with the Democrats.

“The Minority report released last night, says this [Impeachment ] is a disagreement but the president is duly elected and his policy is America first and it is different than that of the permanent bureaucrat class,” Bannon, Chairman of Citizens of the American Republic, said.

Co-host Kassam, who ran a war room on messaging with Nigel Farge in UK’s Brexit, said that swing districts were prime targets for polling on how voters see impeachment,  saying “People there [in swing districts] want DC to get back to business according to people attending the Town Halls,” he said.

Noting that the Democrat’s impeachment push was not something Americans were greatly interested in, Kassam added, “unelected bureaucrats chaffed at Trump’s outside the beltway approach to diplomacy.”

Kassam said the report showed that Republicans found the witnesses, claiming impeachable behavior, have suspicious motives.

In agreement with Kassam, Meuser said,” voters see that the bureaucrats have hurt feelings, that is a sort of socialist agenda, to protect them.  There is a socialist agenda in Congress too caving to the left side of the party. Voters know there is a deep state.”

“Deep state or Administrative State, because the Administrative state is in your grill,” Bannon asked.

Meuser, who reflected upon the time he spent talking to his constituents said that “people see the elected officials and the unelected officials are not doing their work.  Trump woke people up to that, to why their problems were not being solved, so the problem is administrative, yes.”

“There is an opportunity cost to impeachment,” Bannon said.

“Yes, we should be talking about winning, we have tax relief, energy independence, regulatory reform, and trade deals.  We could pass USMCA.  I know 24 people who would pass it right now, but instead, we are focusing on impeachment,” Meuser said.

“Pelosi does not want to see Trump sitting there signing that USMCA bill,” Meuser said. “It would be so great for the people. That is something the Democrats can not combat.”

“Does their [the Democrats] hatred override the good of the nation?” asked Bannon.

“Yes. Absolutely, it does,” said Meuser.

“In PA we are losing 68 Billion dollars in direct economic benefit that is being held up while Democrats are focused on impeaching President Donald J. Trump,” Meuser said.