Bannon’s Impeachment War Room: Trump’s Economic Nationalism, “Best Economy in Half a Century”


Tony Sayegh,  White House Senior Advisor for Strategy, was on the War Room Impeachment Podcast Friday and talked about a bullish White House going on offense, in defense of President Donald J. Trump, who faces impeachment threats by the Democrats.

“It is important to remember that Democrats are trying to impeach a President who has given us the best economy in half a century.  When he ran for office and talked to the forgotten men and women, the stock market was fine, but people were not feeling it,” Sayegh said.

Host of the podcast, Stephen K. Bannon, Chairman of Citizens of the American Republic, who promotes Economic Nationalism, through Trump’s America’s First policies, said ” Trump does not get credit for thinking through the world economy.  Look at the Trade deals like USMCA. Trump is into geopolitical strategic planning. Trump is a businessman who has a strategy for turning around the economy,” Bannon said.

Friday, new numbers were released proving their point that the economy was surging.  CNBC reported:

“Jobs growth soars in November as payrolls surge by 266,000. The jobs market turned in a stellar performance in November, with nonfarm payrolls surging by 266,000 and the unemployment rate falling to 3.5%, according to Labor Department numbers released Friday.

“These are blow out numbers for Jobs. There is a master plan. The USMCA deal is different than NAFTA and it is a big-time difference.  Democrats should love it.  Trump is not about optics. These deals were agreed to by progressive governments,” Bannon said.

USMCA is expected to be a landmark piece of legislation but is being held up by Democrats who refuse to pass it, staying focused on Impeachment.

“President Trump wants to expand the opportunity to participate in the best economy in the world to the average person, that is what he ran in,” Sayegh said.

Sayegh laid out three areas that Trump is focused on for his America First policies, Tax Reform, cutting Business regulations and remaking Trade deals to benefit America.

Bannon often talks about the focus on impeachment that has cost Americans, adding “this is the heart of the opportunity cost in those districts that we lost in 2018. Those representatives ran on the economy and this radicalized side of the Democrat Party has forced us into this Impeachment crisis.  But people see that the economy is working.  We want to get jobs down to unskilled worker, and it that is working.  We have historic unemployment for African Americans and Hispanic and that is the heart of why this focus away from trade deals is a travesty,” Bannon said.

“Obama was punishing job makers for making jobs. Trump has been doing so much on all these three levels,” Sayegh.

“That is why Trump wants to get this impeachment over to focus on the economy,” Jason Miller, former Communications Director for Trump 2016, said.

“Pelosi is walking the Democrats off the plank,” Sayegh said. “Even Democrats are reporting the jobs numbers and saying there is no inflation.”

“We only need 14 more Dems to tank impeachment, they know people care about the economy, not impeachment,” Miller said.

Sayegh discussed how the White House is doing their polling on impeachment and said, “the President does not rely on MSM.  We go to the heartland, local media, local radio, we go to newspapers, and in our districts. We have a robust team to communicate directly with the people.   We talk directly to the hardworking men and women- the forgotten people. We know that they do not care about this phone call, the care about the economy,” he said.

Trump Tweeted around the same time:

“There are 24 members we are focused on and 13 of those districts are where the last three Republicans [McCain, Romney and Trump] won.  Do Democrats think that the president, with these job numbers, should be removed over a phone call?  Dems are going to lose the majority next year. This is Pelosi’s last year as Speaker of the House,” Sayegh said.

“When you are political and you focus only on what you care about- whether than what the people want, you lose.  Democrats are focused on what are they want.  We don’t even have a budget, which is the most fundamental purpose of the US government.  The Democrats are hyper-focused on impeachment,” Sayegh said.

“The mood inside the White House is that we are bullish and upbeat we know the president did nothing wrong, we are going to win in 2020,” Sayegh said.