Bannon’s War Room: Economy Proves Trump Revolution Deplorables Were Right


The stability in economic growth policies under President Donald J. Trump and the economic benefits of the Trump Revolution are in the media this week, and those stories did not jibe with the Democrat’s focus on the impeachment of the President.

People who elected Trump, who former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called the Deplorables, the working-class men and women, were proved right this week to place their trust in Trump to bring them prosperity, Steve Cortes, CNN Political Commentator, and Trump Hispanic Advisory Council, told Stephen Bannon.

Saturday, Cortes was on the War Room Impeachment Podcast with Bannon, Chairman of Citizens Of the American Republic, and spoke about his article in Real Clear Politics, It is Morning In America.

“It really is morning in America,” Steve Cortes, said.

“The strength of these [Job] numbers is such a blowout,” Bannon said.

“In 25 years, I have never seen a report like this from Wall Street and we dig into these kinds of reports, there are always caveats.  In this report the Angel, not the Devil, was in the details, they were even better than the headline.  For those who care about the Deplorables and their plight, and we want everyone to do well because we are not into identity politics, but the underdogs who suffered during the slow growth of Obama, are taking the lead in wage increases,” Cortes said

“Under a Progressive President, we saw the greatest transfer of wealth in mankind, under Obama,” Bannon said, “to save the financial system. Trump’s economic plan was lambasted during the campaign,” he said.

Cortes added, “yes, for the people, we call the strivers, and that why they are trying to get rid of Trump, we are seeing the results under Trump we haven’t seen before.”

Cortes added, “The economic underdogs, those are were last are now first.  The Deplorables are taking the lead on income increases and they are the ones wh lagged during Obama. The bottom 10 %  are outperforming the top 10%.  Non-College Degree over College degree.  The strivers who put their trust in Trump are winning.  We want everyone to do well. We said it in 2016 and now it is working,” Cortes said.

“The data proves it,” Bannon said.

“And the Democrats have had USMCA trade deal for a year.  And they are focused on Impeachment. That is the opportunity cost of focusing on impeachment,” Bannon added.

In agreement, Cortes said, “Positive policy forces show us how much better we can get when that is signed.  We need to flip the house and bring China to heel. The Tax cuts were good, but not great.”

“We need more money in cap and investment, and that will help small business more,” Bannon said.

Cortes agreed and said that the report could not have come at a better time.  U of M Poll shows a sustained enthusiasm in the economy.

“These are kitchen table concepts, and that is why it is Morning in America,” Cortes said

“It is hard to sell a storyline that we have been harmed by a president who has caused such a great economy that people can see in their own lives. We are an oasis of growth in a world that is sluggish,” said Cortes.

“Everyone wants in on the American economy now,” Bannon said. “It is the theory of the Trump Revolution and now we see the results.”