Bannon’s War Room: Impeachment Is ‘Pelosi’s Peak Narcissism’


Nancy Pelosi said she would double down on calling for the Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump from an iconic position of the Speaker’s Balcony, Thursday, while Impeachment War Room podcast guests talked about the failing Democrat party efforts to frame the narrative that Trump did something wrong.

Pelosi’s pageantry was meant to make a powerful and serious impact, however, War Room Podcast co-hosts and guests agreed that Democrats are failing on needed messaging, based that on actual polling evidence, as well as their experience creating professional political messaging.

“Christmas is coming Americans are surging. They are flying high with the economy.  If we had pro-growth policies, think of how well we do,” said  Steve Cortes, CNN Political Commentator and President Trump Hispanic Advisory Council, to the War Room hosts.

Host Stephen K. Bannon, Chairman of Citizens of the American Republican, said that Republicans are unified in messaging on what he calls the “opportunity costs” of impeachment, like the USMC trade deal waiting in Congress, or what economic opportunities Americans are losing by focusing on what Bannon calls “the imaginings on Capitol Hill”.

Wednesday, Impeachment hearings in the judicial committee showed what co-host, Jason Millier, called, “academic state stiffs lecturing Americans.”

“Impeachment isn’t a dissertation defense.  They [Democrats] need to show it is just,” Miller, former communications director for Trump 2016 campaign, said.

“The Democrats are marketing impeachment to the Americans.  The nutty judge, Pamela Karlan has always been an unlikeable radical, but they used her.  With this speech today Pelosi is trying to take back the narrative.  It was a dud in the House.  She is taking away Jerry Nadler’s learning permit, ” Miller said.

Chairman, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) presided over the Judicial Committee Hearings.

“She [Nancy Pelosi] is trying to look patriotic,” co-host Raheen Kassam, former director of communications for Brexit, said, while watching the 9AM announcement to proceed with articles of impeachment.

“She has on a patriotic outfit. Red lipstick, blue pearls,  all red white and blue.  She is saying that the President used his presidency to benefit himself and is making reference to breaking away from Britain and the King,”  Kassam said, while watching Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement on impeachment details.

“Nadler is clearly not up to this, it seems, which is why she is speaking.  Pelosi is hinting that she feels the people’s president is a domestic enemy of the state.” Kassam said.

“The Democrats are losing momentum. The trend is in favor of the President Morning consult polling,” Miller pointed out.

Morning Consult in fact is showing that Trump is growing in approval since Democrats started their impeachment hearings.

“This whole impeachment is symbolic, that it is Pelosi against Trump,” Bannon, Former CEO of Trump’s 2016 campaign, said.

“None of the Democrat candidates can beat Trump.  She is trying to show the separation of powers, wrapped in the flag,” Bannon said.

Pointing out the reason for the dropping approval of impeachment, Miller said, “The American people do not want a history lesson or a law class.  They want to know why the Democrats want to impeach their president.”

“So, is Pelosi a master strategist or a dud?”  Bannon asked.

Cortes said, “The Democrats burned the boats, they can’t go back and she is a master strategist, they can not beat the president in November, so this is the nullification project. She knows that they can not beat us. It is diabolical.  This is to weaken Trump,” he said.

Miller disagreed,”she is not a strategist, this is peak narcissism.  Nancy believes by changing the setting she can punch Trump.  Nadler is not up to this impeachment. Nancy is taking over.  This today is a campaign, it is next November’s campaign now.  She is saying that Nadler can not communicate and persuade people.

Miller said, “Nadler has failed massively and he is going to be busted onto a tricycle. He can not draft the articles of impeachment.  He doesn’t have what it takes.”

“Democrats did not advance the ball.  There were three elitist speakers in favor of the Democrats. All they did was offer opinions. They did not make the case for impeachment,” Kassam added.

The War Room was then joined by Bill McGinley, Bill McGinley, White House Cabinet Secretary who spoke about his findings.

“There is no clear evidence of what is prohibited and the Democrats are not making the charge for what they think Trump did.  It is clear that Congress is trying to undo the Presidency that they don’t like,” he said.

“The President wants a case that is fair.  The Democrats are shifting legal standards in the hearings.  In the Senate, we will have a legal hearing that will have due process,” McGinley said. “The house is just flipping a coin as they go along.”