Bannon’s War Room: There Are Enough Unregistered Voters In Swing States to Win


President of American First Action, a group dedicated to the re-election of President Donald J. Trump, sent a powerful message to grassroots political activists about a surprising and winning campaign strategy for the 2020 election on Wednesday.

Brian Walsh, President of the Super Pac, was a guest on Chairman of Citizens of the American Republic, Stephen K. Bannon’s War Room podcast, and talked about the group’s media messaging and focus group polling on Impeachment and told Bannon about the plan to help Trump win the 2020 Presidential Election.

Talking about the recent IG report about spying abuse by the administrative state, Walsh said Trump supporters should be concerned, “People should be disgusted and fired up. The impeachment is a fraud, and there is a report about the abuse of power at the FBI.  The Horowitz report is the first step. 17 mistakes show systemic problems, not easy mistakes. There was no prudence, they never talked to Trump.  They talked to Putin, but not Trump,” Walsh said.

“We need to see criminal referrals. You have to hold people to a standard, or you say it is acceptable. This is about the power of the government and if they can do this to the president, what can they do to you, that is what people need to know. It is shocking because this [Horowitz report] shows the root of power when it comes to our democracy.  These are unelected bureaucrats, and people in leadership abused their power,” he said.

“Nancy lost control and the caucus, which is her progressive base and she needed to take action, so we concentrated our messaging to the ‘dirty 30’ who did not want impeachment. The ones who are in Trump districts, and face re-election,” he said.

Walsh talked about the successful measures of his group,”We went after the ‘dirty 30’ and spent millions and did focus groups in those areas, pushing the message that this Impeachment is a fraud, and the Democrats are not doing the work that is importing to you,” Walsh said.

“We pushed the message in the media of Do Something,  like send emails, make phone calls, make personal visits.  We have logged 40,000 phone calls into these districts, as of 3 weeks and to hear from constituents,” Walsh said.

“People were fired up at the Trump Rally, and saw that Trump is on offense now, ” Bannon said.

In agreement, Walsh said, “Polling numbers are moving in his favor.  Trump is doing well with swing voters,” Walsh said.

Giving advice to the grassroots audience of the War Room Podcast, Walsh said, “Voters need to remember we need to get to 270 Electoral Votes.”

Make sure you are registered to vote.  There are enough unregistered voters in Florida to win without trying to influence one swing voter, Walsh said.

Walsh finished with a call to action:

“So find those people.  We found 4-5 million unregistered voters in Florida alone.  Find those people, get them registered to vote and then make sure they vote.

People feel the impact of a good economy, and undecided voters feel good about Trump.  We need to get to 270 electoral votes. We want to win.  We need people in swing voters to get 6 other people to go and vote.”