Batista Tells Trump Supporters to Google Small Penises in Bizarre Rant


Guardians of the Galaxy actor and semi-retired pro-wrestler David Bautista–as known as Batista–made some bizarre remarks in an anti-Trump Facebook post.

The outspoken Bernie Sanders supporter conferred his support for the now-withdrawn Vermont Senator in a tweet which read, “For what it’s worth I am in complete support of @SenSanders. I have been for a long time. I believe he is the only candidate that can get us back on track. I think he is the most honest Candidate. I think his biggest concern is the well-being of all Americans. My 2 cents.”

As he took a swipe at President Donald Trump, while exercising his voting rights, calling the 45th President a “buffoon,” he also took aim at Trump supporters, before insulting their intelligence and telling them to “google penile dysmorphic disorder” while they were “at it.”

In the post, which has garnered 41k Facebook reacts, he wrote:

Exercise this right! I’m not telling you who or what party to vote for… I’m just asking you if you want another four years with a #Racist, #elitist , #misogynist , #lying , #narcissistic, #self-righteous, #undignified , #hypocrite , #moronic , #traitorous , #unpatriotic , #autocratic , #selfserving ,#fingerpointing buffoon like @realdonaldtrump and the @gop stooges that continue to support him? @realdonaldtrump supporters google the words you don’t understand! Also google penile dysmorphic disorder while you’re at it.

Exercise this right! I’m not telling you who or what party to vote for… I’m just asking you if you want another four…

Posted by Dave Bautista (Batista) on Friday, May 22, 2020

Although his choice words may have resonated with the 2.9K people who shared the post, 8.9K people commented to tackle his phallic message.

“Imagine thinking you’re famous or relevant enough to tell people who to vote for and think they’ll listen. Go do some more straight to video movies,” commented one Facebook user.

Another inquired: “Why are you so obsessed with Dudes [sic] d***s?”

A third, making fun of the counteracting estrogenic effect of certain steroid cycles, said “You gotta add some estrogen blockers to your stack ASAP.”

“So you’ll vote for a man who sniffs children and has beginning stages of dementia. Also buys off prosecutors or gets them can by offering a billion dollars of our federal funds to hide his sons crimes? Come on Dave, you can not have gotten that many concussions,” quipped a fourth.

Much of the comment section was saturated in pro-Trump gifs and memes.