Belle Delphine Reportedly Arrested for Spray Painting Pepe on Friend’s Car


Belle Delphine, the “e-girl” known for selling her own bathwater, has claimed she was arrested for vandalising the car of someone who stole her pet hamster.

Belle Delphine, real name Mary-Belle Kirschner, is a popular “e-girl” who specialises in selling lewd images to her fans, and has gained notoriety through a number of stunts.

They include creating a PornHub account full of clickbait titles but that only contained safe-for-work material, and most famously, selling her used bathwater for £24, which she highlighted should not be consumed.

Charlie Nash, a British journalist, described the taste in an article for Spectator USA:

The water had a light, sweet candy-like taste with traces of salt, and my stomach started to hurt just a few minutes later. It was normal enough to be drinkable if you were dehydrated in the Australian outback, dying of thirst, but too weird to drink with a ready meal at home. In an effort to protect the limited resource, I mixed Delphine’s bath water with tap water in the kettle, and waited for it to boil. Once steaming, I poured the concoction into a Cadbury’s Creme Egg mug and doused it with a spot of semi-skimmed milk. An unsettling taste was still there, and after receiving the temptation to try it in a Pot Noodle, I stopped myself and called it a day.

Her Instagram account with over 4.5 million followers was taken down in early August, after users flagged it for nudity.

Delphine claimed it was simply a technical issue, but stopped posting anything to social media at the tail end of the month.

On October 4th, YouTuber Ethan Klein speculated that she had been arrested on his latest podcast, which would explain her almost 2 month absence from social media.

Delphine apparently confirmed the news when tweeted a photo of an apparent mugshot on Monday night, and the internet went wild.

Many speculated the reasons for her arrest, with some claiming she was arrested for tax fraud:

Her arrest also swiftly became a meme:

Belle Delphine eventually confirmed the reason for her apparent arrest, posting photos of a car she claims she vandalised in retaliation for the theft of her pet hamster:

The symbol painted on the car is a honkler, a clown version of Pepe the frog, which Right Wing Watch and other leftists organisations claim stands for racial hatred, just like the OK symbol she made with her hand.

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National File contacted the Metropolitan Police in an attempt to verify the story, but were told that they could not comment on arrests, and would only comment if she had been charged, as it would be a matter of public record.