Bernie Sanders Recognizes Mandatory Gun Buybacks as Unconstitutional. 


On Monday, Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders was in Charles City, Ohio where he offered his opinion on gun control.

The Senator was asked in a Q&A whether he would support a mandatory buyback of all AR15’s and AK47’s in the United States, as his running mate Beto O’Rourk advocated shortly before dropping out of the race for president.

Sanders responded by addressing the fallacy of a mandatory buyback, which incorrectly presupposes that the government sold you the firearm in the first place, and goes further to assume that every gun owner is willing to suspend their second amendment rights, as they’re written in the constitution.

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Sanders answered “a mandatory buyback is essentially confiscation, which I think is unconstitutional”.  Bernie Sanders has asserted that gun violence is an epidemic in America and vows to address the issue on “day one” of his theoretical presidency, though on mandatory confiscation he further commented  “I don’t think that stands up to constitutional scrutiny.”

Though he acknowledges the unconstitutional edges of gun control, he expresses an interest in banning the sale of all “assault weapons” in addition to the implementation of mandatory universal background checks. “…It means that I’m going to walk into your house and take something whether you like it or not…” Stated Mr.Sanders, as reported by the Washington Beacon.

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“We cannot allow the NRA to dictate policy because they’ve intimidated Trump and they’ve intimidated the Republican Party” claimed sanders, adding “I will not be intimidated by the NRA”.