Biden Admin Gave Border Patrol ‘Official Notice’ To Get Vaxxed By November Or Be Fired, Says Whistleblower


Tonight the Republicans of the House Judiciary Committee, led in a letter by Rep. Jim Jordan, claimed that a whistleblower informed them the Biden administration has given “official notice” to the U.S. Border Patrol for agents to accept one of the controversial COVID-19 vaccinated by November or lose their jobs.

This comes after Joe Biden promised to make agents “pay,” citing the debunked claim that agents used a “whip” to attack Haitian migrants, when in reality, the photo depicted standard horse reigns used to direct the animal.

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In a tweet, the House Judiciary GOP Twitter account wrote, “Whistleblower alleges that Border Patrol agents have been given official notice that they must be fully vaccinated by November 2021 or face termination.” In the letter, Rep. Jim Jordan highlights the risk behind reducing the number of border patrol agents as the Biden immigration crisis continues to reach fever pitch.

“The Biden border crisis continues to worsen,” the letter began. “We have learned that the Department of Homeland Security has threatened to fire Border Patrol officials who refuse to comply with President Biden’s vaccine mandate.” The letter states that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’s “failure to support these federal law-enforcement officials will only make the Biden border crisis work and make our country less secure.”

The letter describes the Biden regime as “derelict in its duty” to secure the border, and notes that the Border Patrol has “encountered 1,263,295 illegal aliens” along the border since Biden assumed office last January.

“For years and through multiple administrations, it has been difficult to recruit and retain men and women to serve in U.S. Border Patrol,” the letter admits, highlighting the risk of losing agents during an immigration crisis. “Their job is made even harder when senior officials, including Vice President Kamala Harris, spread false accusations of cruelty,” referencing the debunked “whip” conspiracy theory. Jordan notes that Biden also cited “the misinformation” and “vowed the Border Patrol officers ‘will pay.’”

National File was among the first publications to debunk the ignorant claim of “whips” being used against Haitian migrants, a claim which surfaced and was breathlessly repeated by the media after Border Patrol officers were captured on horseback with reigns in their hands. More recently, the photographer who captured the viral photographs has himself declared that no officers carried or utilized whips against the illegal aliens from Haiti.

While, as the House Judiciary GOP noted, Biden regurgitated the debunked claim as recently as September 24, Axios, a favorite website of D.C. residents, recently deleted its tweet claiming whips were used.