Biden Covertly Meets With Mossad Director In White House To Discuss Iran


U.S. President Joe Biden “dropped by” to a meeting with the director of Israel’s Mossad secret intelligence service in the White House this week, in an interaction that was reportedly unplanned following a mass casualty accident in Mount Meron, Israel that resulted in 45 fatalities.

“First publication: US President Biden met with Mossad chief Yossi Cohen at the White House yesterday,” Israel’s N12 news agency reported. “Prime Minister Netanyahu will brief the head of the Mossad on key issues. The meeting was attended by senior members of the US National Security Council. The meeting, as we understand it, was not planned in advance and was scheduled during the Israeli delegation’s visit to Washington this week.”

According to the Times of Israel, a spokesperson for the U.S. National Security Council stated Cohen and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan were meeting to “discuss regional security issues.”

The Biden regime’s foreign policy actions have resulted in the rapid deterioration of the United States’ relationship with Iran, which was already on thin ice.

In late April, U.S. Navy vessels fired “warning shots” at Iranian speedboats in international waters:

Warships belonging to the U.S.. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard fired “warning shots” at Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy vessels in international waters during a heated close encounter on Monday, the U.S. Navy revealed this week.

A statement released by the U.S. Navy stated, “The IRGCN armed speed boats rapidly approached U.S. Navy patrol coastal ship USS Firebolt (PC 10) and U.S. Coast Guard patrol boat USCGC Baranoff (WPB 1318) to an unnecessarily close range with unknown intent, including a closest point of approach (CPA) of 68 yards to both U.S. ships.”

“The U.S. crews issued multiple warnings via bridge-to-bridge radio and loud-hailer devices, but the IRGCN vessels continued their close range maneuvers,” the statement continued. “The crew of Firebolt then fired warning shots, and the IRGCN vessels moved away to a safe distance from the U.S. vessels.”