Biden Regime Discusses Banning Vaccine Resisters From Traveling Between States


Today multiple media outlets are reporting that the Biden regime is considering banning unvaccinated individuals from traveling between state lines, calling the authoritarian move a more “severe” option that the regime will implement only when citizens of the United States are “ready for the strong-arming from the federal government”.

Joe Biden’s administration is currently operating “with restraint” when it comes to coaxing Americans to receive one of the controversial COVID-19 vaccines, according to White House officials per the Associated Press, but will soon ratchet-up its totalitarian “strong-arming from the federal government” in a bid to force the 90 million Americans resisting the vaccines to accept the controversial shots. According to the Associated Press, the Biden regime’s plans “have been carefully calibrated to encourage a wave of businesses and governments to follow suit,” suggesting collusion between the White House and big businesses, something Democrats once hated.

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As Americans become “ready” for “strong-arming” from the Biden regime, the administration has “discussed” options including “mandating vaccines for interstate travel,” effectively stopping vaccine resisters from moving freely throughout the United States.

After this news went viral on Friday morning, the Biden regime claimed that “the interstate travel vaccination requirement was not under consideration at the moment,” however, it has been discussed as a realistic option once Americans are “ready”. It remains unclear when the Biden regime will consider Americans “ready” for the basic freedom of movement to be restricted. However, doctors and health officials who spoke to the AP expressed their full support for any move that will result in more Americans receiving the controversial vaccines. (READ MORE: Joe Rogan Trends For Trashing Vaccine Passports, Says COVID Mandates Bring U.S. ‘One Step Closer To Dictatorship’)

These same officials, and big businesses, also complained that the United States has no government-sanctioned vaccine passport system like those that have sparked wide scale civil unrest in France and Italy. However, the Biden regime continues to believe the only way for Americans to comply with a vaccine passport is to outsource them to the private sector, letting corporate America force their employees and customers prove their vaccination status in order to work or engage in commerce.

Recently, the Biden regime announced plans to require all active duty military personnel receive the controversial vaccine by September 15 and was met by little resistance from inside the military or establishment-friendly media.