Biden’s Dog Bites Another Person, Poops On Floor Of White House Diplomatic Room


Yesterday, Joe Biden’s dog Champ bit yet another person, requiring medical assistance. Today, the White House press pool confirmed that dog excrement was found on the floor outside the White House Diplomatic Room.

“As pool gathered to load in the vans on the South Lawn driveway, Champ and Major were spotted in the hallway outside the Palm Room doors in front of the Diplomatic Room,” the White House press pool reported. “There was dog poo on the floor. It’s unclear which dog was responsible for it.”

“Champ and Major were on the South Lawn as motorcade waited to depart. Major was on a leash,” they noted of the 3-year-old dog that has bitten at least two people at the White House. “Champ was not but was moving slowly and stiffly.”

“White House Pool Report Confirms: dog droppings discovered on White House Diplomatic Room floor,” wrote One America News Network’s Chanel Rion.

This comes less than one day after it was confirmed that Major, the Biden family’s 3-year-old German Shepherd, bit a second person. In addition to the general scare of being bitten by a large dog, if Joe Biden were a private citizen, this would open him up to liability for his dog’s actions.

Major previously bit another person while at the White House and was temporarily returned to Delaware. Press Secretary Jen Psaki characterized the injury as “minor” and suggested the dogs behave worse when Jill Biden is not at the White House, and would be returned to the family’s Delaware home until her return.

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley reported, “Now Major has bitten another person who reportedly required medical attention,” and, “Major could now be treated as a known vicious animal for liability purposes.”

Turley explained, “Ordinarily, the victim could easily sue the Bidens, including for strict liability in most states. Indeed, many states now simply apply strict liability or have ‘hybrid’ systems that impose greater liability than the traditional ‘one free bite’ rule. Washington, D.C. is more complex with a number of provisions that could apply. However, the city has laws that impose liability for allowed dogs to run free before an injury. Clearly, that becomes a tad more difficult when a dog is allow to run free on a large government residence like the White House.”