BIG TECH: Twitter Permanently Bans Comedian Sam Hyde


Comedian Sam Hyde’s Twitter account @new_engine was permanently suspended by Twitter Wednesday afternoon, with the only explanation being Twitter’s stock phrase “Twitter suspends accounts that violate the Twitter Rules.”

Hyde was the founder of the comedy group Million Dollar Extreme comedy group, which briefly had its own television program on Adult Swim titled “Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace.”

“World Peace” was not renewed because of political opposition to the show from left-wing activists and network executives, making Sam Hyde one of the first victims of ideologically charged corporate “deplatfoming.”

Hyde had previously been suspended from Twitter at least twice, raising questions about why his particular brand of comedy is such an intense focus of censorship by corporate media.

Reports are also circulating that images of Sam Hyde are being scrubbed from the platform, along with the users who post them.

Some have suggested that the ban on images of Hyde is aimed at preventing gullible journalists from falsely claiming Sam Hyde is the perpetrator behind various instances of crime and terrorism.

It remains to be seen whether Hyde will attempt to return to Twitter, or whether the platform will provide an explanation for the account’s termination.