Bill Kristol: Mitt Romney Is Ready To Help Republicans Impeach Trump


In an appearance on MSNBC, devout NeverTrump activist Bill Kristol said failed Presidential candidate and Utah senator Mitt Romney has reassured House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that Republicans will provide support in a presidential impeachment attempt.

“I think Romney has helped reassure maybe Speaker Pelosi that there is the possibility of Republican support. Maybe in the House. Incidentally, maybe in the Senate,” Kristol said, adding, “If you take Romney’s statement seriously, he is not just saying maybe the House should impeach. He is sort of saying maybe as a Senate Republican he would vote to convict.

Kristol speculated, “If you have a couple more Republicans even sound somewhat like that, the notion that this is a purely partisan maneuver, there will be no Republican in the Senate who will even take it seriously that goes away.”

The neoconservative activist also bemoaned the fact that the Mueller probe was over in regards to the possible impeachment: “There is no Mueller. The Justice Department is not looking at it. It is not going to get to court any time soon. It is in Congress’s lap and Congress is fairly, squarely faced now with the choice. Are they going to let Trump get away with not only doing this pretty terrible thing honestly for a president to do, apparently, if that is what he did, but also to simply stonewall Congress? I mean, the ball is really in the House’s court.”

Romney has been a devout critic of President Trump since the primary season in 2015, and the two have frequently sparred through interviews and social media.

The Utah senator tweeted on Sunday: “If the President asked or pressured Ukraine’s president to investigate his political rival, either directly or through his personal attorney, it would be troubling in the extreme. Critical for the facts to come out.”

President Trump shot back at Romney’s impeachment remarks in a tweet on Monday.


Speaker Pelosi has repeatedly rejected the notion of impeachment, even losing her temper at a press conference in September when repeatedly asked if she was afraid of the “i-word.”