Billboard Appearing to Urge White People to Get Sterilized Appears in London


A Twitter user has claimed that a billboard urging Londoners to get sterilized appeared in Holloway Road in the capital city.

The message on the billboard states, “Imagine a city less crowded… do your part–get sterilised! Yay!”

The message finishes with “yay!” which is eerily similar to a scene in Zoolander where the villain, Mugatu, attempts to brainwash the hero, Zoolander.

Of course, the 2001 film is a comedy, but the end of the message attempts to make a message–which could be viewed as negative by some–into something both positive and infantile.

The billboard lacks the level of diversity ever-present in other forms of marketing or propaganda–especially for London, which, according to the 2011 census was around 41% ‘white English.’

Another message from a few years ago caused a stir due to its message, “SEX WITH REFUGEES IS JASMINE-SCENTED AND BEAUTIFUL”.

Furthermore, if other groups were to be contained in the cartoon, a media storm would break over claims of racism.

A Portuguese movement celebrating low birth rates has also emerged, in spite of the country’s below-replacement-level birth rates.

As a reaction to overpopulation in the developing world, Western countries have been called upon to make dietary and lifestyle concessions in order to save the planet.

Entomophagy is one of the various controversial propositions to save the environment and to feed a world facing enormous population booms.

Behind The Media’s Obsession With Eating Bugs — And Cannibalism

However, the propaganda is directed at Western countries.

No ‘westernized’ European country has a birth rate above replacement level, yet these countries are prompted to accept increasing flows of mass immigration from Africa and Asia under the guise of economic productivity.