Bishop Denounces LGBT Indoctrination of Kids as “Insanity”


Joseph Strickland, a Catholic bishop from Texas, has denounced the LGBT indoctrination of children as “child abuse” and insanity.

Bishop Strickland quote tweeted a video from the Twitter feed of “Questioning LGBT/CSE Education,” a British parent concerned with LGBT indoctrination in schools. It shows a “sex educator,” Nadine, and a “sex researcher,” Eva, teaching a class of young children about gender and sexuality.

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Quotes from them include: “people can also be fluid, feel more like female or male based on a different day or time. It’s really individual,” and “our genitals actually don’t determine our gender, so some people born with vulvas can be boys.”

The kids were then subject to a story from a transgender individual about their life, including confusing statements that suggested both acting tomboyish or wearing drag made you transgender:

I have been through the spectrum of boys and girls. I have been everywhere inbetween. I was born a girl, and then when I was two years old, I told my mom for the first time that I was a boy… I don’t remember it as I’ve only been told stories, but I framed it because my brother’s middle name was the same as my dad’s, and so I insisted that my middle name was also the same as his. Back in the day there were no talk shows, there was no internet, there were no resources, so she just ignored it, and then nothing happened for many many years. It still took me a long time into my twenties before I decided to transition; I was a tomboy… I was sporty, I had short hair, and then I grew it out in high school because I felt like I should and I felt like that’s what people wanted me to be. In my twenties, I decided to become a drag king… so in my daily life I was a girl, but then when I went on stage and wanted to perform, I would perform as male and I would use he/him pronouns. That was a way for the first time where people were seeing me as a boy, and that’s when it clicked in my head that I want to do this when I’m off stage as well.

Bishop Strickland shot back against this indoctrination of children into the LGBT mentality. “This video shares an insane and evil message that is destructive to the lives of innocent children,” he said. “In a sane society it would be called what it is, CHILD ABUSE, and the people propagating this insanity would be prosecuted!”

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Bishop Strickland has been vocal in his support of traditional values and the fight against the LGBT lobby, and has called for believers to “wake up” to what is happening to our society: