Black Lives Matter Activist Raises Money for ‘Ruptured Testicle’ After Being Hit by Rubber Bullet in LA


A Black Lives Matter Activist claims that he needed emergency surgery to repair his testicle after being hit in the groin by a rubber bullet fired by the LAPD during a May 30 George Floyd protest in California.

Bradley Steyn, a South African citizen who claims that he partook in the anti-apartheid protests in his home country, says that he was hit by a rubber bullet in Los Angeles’ Fairfax district.

He has a GoFundMe page set up to raise $17,000 to cover medical and legal bills, and he seeks to sue the LAPD for damages as well as push for “legislative Law enforcement reform in Sacramento, California.”

On Steyn’s fundraiser, he wrote recalling the May 30 incident: “I almost bled out on the streets of Los Angeles and had to go in for emergency surgery and had my left testicle repaired as it ruptured.

“I have just received out of pocket medical bills. And I have also hired an attorney and foresee some upcoming cost.”

Steyn had been “marching peacefully with at the Black Lives Matter march on Saturday the 30th May, here in Los Angeles, near Fairfax in memory of George Floyd and so many other black Americans that have been murdered in America. Apartheid-style.”

“At the march I was shot by a member of the LAPD with a rubber bullet in the testicles. one of which was ruptured and led to me almost bleeding out on the streets of Los Angeles,” he added.

Speaking with Select Times Live, Steyn told the publication: “Police used batons to a young woman who was sitting on her knees.”

He continued, “I tried to get him off her, and I was hit across chest by a police baton. A policeman saw me trying to physically push the cop off her and hit me in the chest. Then he aimed for my genitalia – he was two or three feet away – and shot directly into my genitalia.”

Steyn added his backstory as an introduction to the GoFundMe:

My name is Bradley Steyn I am a former South African Anti-Apartheid activist, security professional, defence contractor and national security advisor.

At the age of 17 I witnessed and was caught up in the middle of the Strijdom square massacre in my native South Africa. Innocent black citizens were targeted by a racist white supremacist dressed like a policeman. My white skin, my white privilege saved my life that day as I held a dying black man in my lap trying to stop him from bleeding out. I could not stop or tackle that racist that day. I was a kid.

That event changed my life forever though. I dedicated my life to fighting evil and racism and began when I was covertly recruited as a white operative into Nelson Mandela’s anti-Apartheid movement, the African National Congress’s military wing, Umkhonto we Siswe (the spear of the Nation). I became a clandestine operator to infiltrate and spy against the feared security police, state military apparatus and their proxy white nationalist hit squad units.

We won the war against racist oppression in South Africa. We brought one of the most powerful and evil, racist security military complexes to its knees.

The seasoned protester also claims to be suffering from PTSD after witnessing the Strijdom Square massacre at an early age.

The recent Black Lives Matter protests, although on the decline, have led to ample social change as historical statues of ex-presidents, soldiers, and historical politically incorrect figures are removed. NASCAR has banned the use of the Confederate Flag and several other corporations which may be marginally political incorrect have undergone radical transformations to avoid drawing the wrath of the movement.