Black Man Brutally Assaults Arizona Cricket Wireless Employee


On Saturday afternoon, an African American man brutally assaulted a 22-year-old female Cricket Wireless store employee in Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix police arrested suspect Michael Cook, 33, on Tuesday evening after tips from the public. Cook reportedly admitted to the crime and stolen merchandise from the store was found in his residence.

Security footage shows Cook enter the store, approach the employee immediately, and begin violently punching and kicking her face, even after she fell to the ground. An employee at a neighboring business, Garciela Cejuda, told a local news station that she was able to hear the victim’s screams.

“You could hear the girl screaming; the truth is it was very, very loud,” Cejuda said.

WATCH (Graphic Warning):

Court documents say Cook struck the victim approximately thirteen times before he entered the back of the store. Cook stole two phones from a safe and all the cash from the register before leaving on foot.

The victim rushed out of the store after Cook left her for the back of the store. She ran to safety in the neighboring business where Cejuda works. Cejuda said she called 911 when she began to hear the screams.

She explained how as she called 911, the victim ran into her store and pleaded with her to lock the door. “I grabbed the keys quick as I could. There was a customer coming, so I quickly locked it,” Cejudo said.

The victim told investigators that she had seen Cook in the Phoenix area in the past and gave him a government-paid phone. The assault victim added that Cook would repeatedly enter the cell phone store claiming his phone was stolen and he needed a replacement.

The victim believed Cook may have been homeless. Cook was charged with robbery, assault, and kidnapping and is booked in Maricopa County Jail.

Social media buzzed following the Phoenix Police tweeting video of the attack. One Twitter user said, “This folks is why the second amendment exists.”

Another Twitter user commented, “This is Rittenhouse without a gun.”

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