BLACKLIST: Harvard Students Spread Petition To Ban Trump Administration From Teaching, Speaking, Attending University


As if obstructing the investigations of the multitude of vote fraud and ballot tampering claims weren’t enough, now the Progressive intelligentsia in higher education is attempting to implement their own version of a “truth and reconciliation commission.”

The caustic totalitarianism of the Progressive movement has seen a plethora of conservatives and Republicans banned from speaking and/or teaching in institutions of higher learning. Now, those same forces want to take that banishment a step further.

A petition circulating among the student body at one of the nation’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning, Harvard University, seeks to ban anyone who served in the Trump administration from teaching, speaking, or attending the institution.

The petition represents the latest attempt by the “enlightened” Leftists in the United States to rebuke President Trump and punish those who support him or believe in his vision for the country.

The petition reads, in part:

“We worry that in following tradition and inviting members of the Trump administration to Harvard, the school would be legitimizing this subversion of democratic principles that up to now had been universally accepted by both political parties.

“That is why today we are asking you to set up a system of accountability for high-level political appointees and Trump administration consultants before they are invited as fellows or to teach or speak on campus. These accountability guidelines should be publicly shared with students by the end of the calendar year.”

Students, who by their station are subservient to the authority of the institution, are demanding that if the university does continue associating with any Trump administration alumnus, declare that the university must “create and share with students transparent guidelines” for why this association should be allowed.