Bloomberg Group Calls 2A Activists ‘Extremists,’ ‘White Supremacists’


Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action attacked Virginia’s 2nd Amendment activists in a recent news release, labeling Lobby Day attendees and 2nd Amendment sanctuary supporters as “extremists.”

In the release, Mom’s Demand Action accused “gun extremists” and “militia groups” of plotting to “intimidate lawmakers” by exercising their First Amendment right to assemble.

The group also attacked Virginia’s 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement, referring to the over 100 sanctuary municipalities, more than 90% of the entire state, as “lawless counties” whose citizens and representatives carry “no legal force.”

What’s more, is Moms Demand Action attempted to make a connection between the upcoming Lobby Day gathering in Richmond, and the August 2017 events in Charlottesville, in what some observers have called a blatant attempt to incite violence against 2nd Amendment activists.

Warning of “hate-fueled disaster,” the group cited Alex Friedfeld, a researcher at the far-left Anti Defamation League, who claims that Virginia’s gun rights movement is rooted in white separatism.

According to Friedfeld, 2nd Amendment supporting, “white supremacist accelerationists” seek to “destroy the United States,” and “build a white nation in its ruins.”

Moms Demand Action took Friedfeld’s theory a step further, claiming that Lobby Day may serve as a trigger for such destruction and that Governor Northam has held “multiple meetings” to prepare for what the group calls an ‘armed rebellion against the state.’ 

Throughout the news release, Moms Demand Action repeatedly referred to gun rights activists as “out-of-state,” as if the tens of thousands of voters who have packed county board and city council meetings for the past three months don’t actually live in their respective jurisdictions or Virginia as a whole.

Ironically, Moms Demand Action, and their parent organization, Everytown USA, are based in Manhattan, New York.