BLUEPRINT: Communists Takeover Towns in NC, VA; Plan to Flip South Blue


Loudon, a high profile public speaker and author on the topic, calls the concept of changing the Republican-held southern states, the “New Confederacy” he said in the article, “by using the minority voting base to flip county by county, state by state to the Democrats.”

In the article, Loudon gives historical background on the Communist movements currently emerging in North Carolina, designed to flip conservative voters to Democrat voters.

“Maoist strategy is all about building a counter-state—taking over whole areas to form a state-within-state to serve as a base to spread revolution across a much wider area. Parts of Virginia are moving in that direction. Jackson, Mississippi, is already there. Durham is well on the way,” he said.

According to the article, there are numerous groups with a long history of subversion and Communist tactics situated in North Carolina. “Between Durham For All, the DPA, DAE, North Carolina AFL-CIO, and the voter registration groups listed above, Liberation Road and its allies have the power to mobilize several thousand election workers against Republican candidates,” Loudon said.

Loudon spoke with National File about his concerns for the South and his ideas for safeguarding the states and the liberty movement in general.

“What the left is doing in the southern states is mobilizing Black and Latino voters. They have stopped trying to convert new voters and are now concentrating on mobilizing their base,” he said.

“Even though most Black American voters are socially conservative the left has sold those groups a line that white people hate them and will try to suppress them, so they get those groups to vote against their own economic interests out of fear of white supremacy,” Loudon said, commenting on the success of the left to convince people in the minority community to vote outside of their values.

“Republicans talk about their platform in boring ways although they have a better message.  Democrats are doing terrible things, but they know how to massage it to make it exciting.  If Republicans could see that voters like a fighter, and touch upon that in emotionally exciting ways, they might win more. Look at what President Trump has done.  He won on topics that social conservatives wanted,” he said.

“What we need to motivate voters is not a less polarized nation, we need a more polarized nation.  They call us tyrants, bigots and white supremacists.  We call them progressives and liberals.  We need to call them what they are, communists and socialists,” Loudan told National File.

Trevor Loudon will be a keynote speaker at Rock the Red, an event in South Carolina, Jan 17-19 in Greenville, South Carolina.