BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Ukrainian Prosecutor Says U.S. Ambassador Lied to Congress Twice


The prosecutor at the center of the Biden-Burisma scandal says American Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanvitch, who testified at the Democrat-run impeachment hearing against President Trump, lied to Congress about her attempts to manipulate Ukrainian criminal cases, in an interview with One America News.

Yuriy Lutsenko told the story of his determined opposition to the US Ambassador’s numerous attempts to corrupt Ukraine’s own investigations, In a video of a three-part OANN series, which included Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, and he provided proof that Yovanvitch did, indeed, lie to Congress.

Lutsenko proved that Yovanvitch lied twice.  Once about a list of names, and twice about his request for help in criminal investigations of potential money laundering.

According to the OANN video, Lutsenko Inherited the Prosecutor General’s office from Victor Shokin’s and Lutsenko describes his first interaction with the US Embassy office at the time, in the OANN video.

“Everything was good, but then Ambassador Yovaniitch visited me, and Mr. Kent visited me for some small negotiation or talkings, he said, adding that the first time he met her was in his office and the second time they met was in her office.

About the first conversation, Lutsenko said, “We spoke normally and she asked me to change some old deputies.”

OANN adds because of Former Vice President Joe Biden’s threat to withhold one Billion dollars in American foreign aid to Ukraine, Shokin was fired.  At the time of his firing, Shokin was investigating corruption in a Ukraine company that employed Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.  That is when Lutsenko inherited the fired prosecutor’s office.

It was shortly after getting into that office that Lutsenko had a visit from US Ambassador Yovanvitch.

“She asked me to close the case of one person, and I said it was impossible, that I couldn’t close any case without investigation. So I took a piece of paper on my table, and I write these three not cases, but surnames.  Kasko, Leshchenko, Shabunin, Okay, Okay,” he said, nodding his head in agreement.

He continued, “Miss Ambassador lets continue your untouchable list. She asked me, ‘why are you so serious?’ Then I destroyed the list and said that while I am general prosecutor, not president, not ambassador, could give me such a list,” he said.

Her reaction was not happy, he said, “That was the full story. So she ran immediately from the office and my boy in the office doors asked why she was so angry that [she] had an angry and red face?” Lutsenko said recalling the day.

“I didn’t agree to close or recieve any orders to open or close criminal cases [from Yovanvitch],” he said.

Lutsenko then sais that he was shocked over the testimony to Congress when Yovanivitch said she did not give him a list. He told OANN that technically she did not give him a list, but the list came from her.

The video then goes on to describe Leschenko’s investigations into potential massive money laundering schemes with Franklin Templeton, and Yovanivitch’s attempts to manipulate his investigations and also to marginalize Lutsenko.

Yovanivitch told Congress that Lutsenko had not given the proper information to meet with US Attorney General to discuss his investigation.

“I have bad news for Madam Ambassador, here is my letter. To request for cooperation in the investigation against the criminal investigation of Yanukokovytch and regarding a possible investment in the US-based on mutual and other funds for the purpose of money laundering,” he said.

Watch the full video here: