Both PewDiePie and Elon Musk Donate Fortunes to Plant Trees


Both PewDiePie and Elon Musk have donated considerable sums of money to MrBeast’s TeamTrees Project.

PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg, donated $69,420 (two highly symbolic numbers–69 & 420) to become the tenth highest donor at the time of writing.

The project is rapidly approaching an eye-watering $11M–over halfway to the intended target of $20M, which has been one of MrBeast’s dreams.

MrBeast pledged $20M to the Arbor Day foundation–a non-profit organization–who, in turn, will plant a tree for every dollar donated.

PewDiePie isn’t a stranger to philanthropic causes.

PewDiePie has previously masterminded charity drives, raising several thousands of dollars for multiple causes.

Elon Musk donated one million dollars towards the MrBeast’s project, placing him in second place behind Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke who donated a dollar more.

The Verge reports that Musk is allegedly facing a liquidity crisis amid a defamation suit, where he said in sworn in testimony that he was financially illiquid.

Musk has enjoyed much attention with a cozy rapport developing between him and MrBeast, and being an eccentric part of many charitable events, including the installation of UV wave filtration systems for Flint, Michigan, public schools amid their prolonged water crisis.

Musk’s controversial defamation case began after he called British cave diver, Vernon Unsworth “pedo guy,” after Unsworth was critical of Musk’s efforts to save a young boy’s soccer team that were trapped in an underwater cave in Thailand.

During an interview, Musk called Unsworth a “child rapist,” suggesting, “I f***ing hope he sues me.”

The trial will begin in LA on December 3rd.