Boy George Calls Gender Pronouns ‘Modern Form of Attention Seeking,’ Says ‘Leave Your Pronouns At The Door’


Boy George caused a Twitter–and media–storm with his comments on gender pronouns, slamming them as a “modern form of attention seeking.”

The Culture Club singer angered followers and the LGBT media by his tweets which have been blasted as “transphobic.”

George has denied “transphobia” while ripping into all “all this PC stuff.”

The original account, whose tweets are now protected, inspired the viral tweet from George, extracting the singer’s opinion on gender pronouns.

Another tweet from George encouraged readers to leave their “pronoun’s [sic] at the door.”

The tweets garnered negative attention from members of the LGBT community, defending the use of pronouns and condemning George’s politically incorrect tweets.

George also went onto criticize vegans who would buy a meat-free burger from KFC, in a tweet saying: ‘What kind of vegan pops into a burger chain? A pretend vegan!’–casting a wide net of criticism over controversial groups.

The original tweet drew the most negative comments, mostly querying issues surrounding gender pronouns and respect.

One top comment offered, “What does it take to show others respect by using their preferred pronouns? I wouldn’t not use your name so why would I not use your preferred pronouns? People are too quick to criticise others’ lifestyles & identities. If people want attention there’s usually a reason. Ask them.”

Another referred to gender pronouns as: “An opportunity to show basic respect, my darling…”

However, some ridiculed the concept of gender pronouns.

One social media remarked: “Show basic respect to me, my darling, by not insisting that I do what you want. You are not a child of 5, demanding to be called Lady Penguin of Ice Manor. You are an adult.”

Another gender pronoun respect detractor said, referring to gender pronouns, that they were “a fantasy made by those who are scared of the real world.”

Some outlets expressed their disapproval of George’s tweets.

Pink News penned the headline, Boy George responds to ‘transphobia’ backlash in the absolute worst way and really needs to log out of Twitter.” 

A spokesperson for Boy George told Pink News: “The concept of […] asking whether Boy George is transphobic is so stupid it doesn’t warrant a response.”